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Reka Haraszi

Reka Haraszi is a principal scientist at Campden BRI in the Biochemistry section at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. She is managing scientific research projects and members' enquiries in the area of food biosciences (food product biochemistry and quality, processing and storage).

Her expertise include method developments in food analytics, chromatography and mass spectrometry, proteomics, bioinformatics, protein biochemistry, cereal quality assessment, dough rheology, grain hardness assessment and food flavour analysis and compositional development.

Reka Haraszi graduated as a bioengineer in 1998 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She did a PhD in chemistry in 2002 and a specialist masters in food quality evaluation also in 2002. She worked in Australia, Belgium and Hungary in research institutes, universities and industry during the first 15 years of her career. She has worked as post doctoral fellow, research associate and head of laboratory. She has several peer reviewed scientific publications, conference and poster presentations.

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