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Evaluation of product shelf-life for chilled foods 2004

Shelf-life is an important attribute of chilled food products. An understanding of product shelf-life is essential in assuring the safety and quality of the product at the time of consumption. It also impinges on issues as diverse as storage, distribution and marketing. However, establishing shelf-life for a chilled product is not easy, and a wide range of factors must be taken into account. Written by a team of CCFRA and industry specialists with expertise in all aspects of chilled product shelf-life, this new edition was produced to provide food companies with a framework for establishing the shelf-life of their products.

After an initial discussion of what shelf-life is and how its end-point can be determined, the core of the guide is organised around a series of shelf-life ‘evaluation sequence’ flowcharts - from pilot scale through pre-production run to full scale production. Supplementary information - such as tables of information on factors limiting microbial growth, microbiological tests that can be used in shelf-life trials, and factors that can affect shelf-life - provides a basis for further consideration of the practical aspects of shelf-life determination. Aimed particularly at manufacturers and retailers, the guide will be of use to all who need to understand shelf-life of chilled foods and the factors that affect it.

Softcover - 70 pages