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Guidelines on air quality standards for the food industry 2nd Ed 2005

Air is a potential route for food contamination. Good hygienic design of air handling systems, as well as their proper maintenance and operation, can help minimize the risk of contamination via this route. This revised edition of CCFRA's well-established guide to food industry air handling systems provides extensive practical guidance to help companies achieve this. Originally devised by a group of experts drawn from the food, air handling and research communities, and updated to take account of technical developments since the publication of the first edition in 1997, the guide spans the complete air handling chain: from identifying the design and type of system most appropriate to particular food production operations through construction and validation to maintenance, cleaning, monitoring and assessing environmental impact.

Produced as one of a series to help food companies that are planning or undertaking the building or refurbishment of food production facilities, this guide will be of value to technical personnel within both the food and construction industries. The other titles in the series are: Guidelines for the hygienic design, construction and layout of food processing factories; Guidelines for the design and construction of floors for food production areas (second edition); and Guidelines on the design and construction of walls, ceilings and services for food production areas (second edition).

Softcover - 150 pages