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Hygienic design of liquid handling equipment 2nd Ed 1997

Appropriate hygienic design plays a significant part in eliminating avoidable contamination of end product. Through improving equipment cleanability it can also bring about savings by reducing the hidden costs associated with cleaning. This revised guide was produced to help the food and drinks industry to reap these safety and cost benefits of good hygienic design of processing equipment.

The guide brings together in a single volume a wealth of material on the hygienic design of liquid handling equipment, reflecting the requirements of relevant legislation and the guidelines documents of the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group.

Of use to engineers, technologists and technical managers, the guide contains over 150 colour figures to illustrate the principles and consequences of good and poor hygienic design, clear descriptions of design features and how these relate to good and poor hygienic practice, and updated references to legislation and standards. Softcover: 204 pages - colour