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Introduction to hygiene in food processing. Key Topic 4 2001

Food hygiene is increasingly important in the provision of safe and wholesome food. It involves all measures taken to prevent contamination of food with any contaminant (microbiological, chemical or physical). Beyond the act of cleaning itself, hygiene is as much about the philosophy and practice of the whole approach, impinging, for example, on the design of equipment, the layout of the premises, and the management of cleaning regimes.

Aimed particularly at new recruits to the food industry and students of food science and technology, but also of interest to established industry and enforcement personnel seeking a broad perspective, this short book presents an overview of hygiene in food processing.

The Key Topics in Food Science & Technology Series has been developed to meet a need within industry, education and enforcement bodies for industrially relevant introductory guides to specific aspects of food science and technology. Soft cover: 66 pages