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Effective microbiological sampling of food processing environments 1998

Microbial contamination of food products can arise not only from the product itself (e.g. raw materials, ingredients) but also from the environment - during processing, storage and distribution. Effective sampling of the food environment for problem microorganisms is a key aspect of preventing microbial contamination of foods - and is best done in a systematic way. This guide is designed to help food companies make informed decisions and develop a structured approach to issues of microbiological sampling of food environments.

This guide is aimed at food company technical managers, laboratory managers, HACCP teams, and groups such as retailers or technical centres who provide technical advice to suppliers or subsidiaries.

The document is concerned only with sampling of the food environment. It does not cover the food itself, nor does it include methods for culturing and identification of microorganisms - for which other guides exist. The guideline is available as an e-book from