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Cleaning and disinfection of food factories - a practical guide 2008

Ensuring that factories are cleaned and disinfected effectively and in a timely manner is a fundamental prerequisite in the production of safe and wholesome foods. This involves decisions on when to clean, how to clean and what chemicals to use, in order to remove physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants. Although advice has been available from different sources on individual aspects of cleaning, a new guideline from CCFRA finally brings all of the issues together in one document.

Cleaning and disinfection of food factories: a practical guide (Guideline 55) addresses the importance of cleaning, management responsibilities and basic principles, before discussing the chemicals required, the many types of cleaning techniques, and the timing and frequency of cleaning, including the order in which cleaning must be undertaken. It also looks at the setting of targets, ways of ensuring that the agreed strategy is carried out and how to assess the effectiveness of that strategy.

The principles outlined in this guideline are applicable to all sectors of the food and drink industry; they are aimed at those with management responsibility for cleaning operations, but are equally useful for anybody working in a food factory environment, as the whole workforce can play a role in facilitating factory cleaning. Softcover: 136 pages; This guideline is also available as an e-book from