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Guidelines for preventing hair contamination of food - advice on head coverings 2006

Contamination of food with hair is unacceptable - mainly from an aesthetic perspective though it carries a risk of introducing bacterial contamination. Good hygienic practice involves protecting food from hair contamination through the use of protective clothing. However, if this protective clothing is not appropriate for the task or is not used properly then it can be of limited use and, in some cases increase the risk of contamination.

This guide has been produced to help food producers identify important aspects of protective clothing designed to prevent food contamination from hair - including head coverings and beard snoods. It was developed by an industrial working group with the input of companies from both the food and protective clothing sectors, to provide guidance that is both workable and effective. It is extensively illustrated with colour photographs of hair protection clothing and the materials used to produce them.

Softcover - 70 pages - full colour