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Research club projects

Club projects are a time and cost efficient way of effectively tackling issues within industry. Campden BRI is developing several industry club projects covering a range of topics.

Companies that participate in the club projects have the opportunity to steer the project work. Project results will be shared amongst the project members who can exploit the findings.

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Kombucha club

This club will investigate numerous aspects of kombucha brewing, including symbiotic culture make-up and storage, scale-up and the effect of ingredients on developing a consistent process.

The project will:

  • Explore pilot scale up
  • Monitor changes to populations of bacteria and yeast in different batches
  • Look to understand the effect of changes on the sensory profile
  • Develop an ideal model for consistency of kombucha brewing practices

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Virus control club

This club aims to provide solutions for effective virus control measures relevant to the food industry

The project will provide:

  • Insight on an evolving data set regarding heat treatments suitable for control of viruses in foods enabling informed risk management strategies.
  • Knowledge of water treatments effective against viruses to enable primary producers to choose the most effective treatment of irrigation water when potable water is not used or available.

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UV-C systems club

The club will provide validation guidance and independent data for UV-C treatment for a range of different materials as they are transferred from low risk to high care areas.

The project will generate:

  • Independent microbial reduction data for a range of relevant materials
  • A method to validate processes using surrogate organisms
  • A method to map UV-C exposure to ensure targeted dosages are achieved

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Chlorate levels club

The levels of chlorates in crops are of prime importance due to legal limits that are being introduced through EU legislation. The club will investigate approaches to reduce chlorate levels in agricultural production and processing.

The project will:

  • Establish the effects of varying chlorinating agents on the chlorate levels of crop types both pre-harvest and post-harvest
  • Identify the use of alternative post-harvest washes that can be used to reduce chlorate levels
  • Compare the effects of novel/alternative produce washes and rinses that can reduce chlorate levels in leafy salads and other ready-to-eat products

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Chocolate and confectionery club

The club aims to study and characterise fat and water migration within chocolate products using hyperspectral imaging (HSI), allowing the visual evaluation of internal fat and moisture gradients over shelf life.

This technique will:

  • Quantify the fat and moisture content in different components of chocolate products
  • Monitor how fat and chocolate migrate during shelf life
  • Evaluate selected barriers, technologies or storage conditions to prevent fat and moisture migration and extend quality over shelf life

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Bread softness club

The club will research and develop better ways to create and maintain bread softness - by understanding and controlling the factors that influence bread texture.

The project will explore the:

  • Effects of ingredient, recipe and process variations on initial bread softness
  • Effects of storage conditions on softness including ambient, chilling and freezing/thawing
  • Relationship between crumb and crust texture
  • Effects of bread bubble structure, anisotropy and distribution within slices and within loaves
  • Interaction with other product components such as sandwich fillings, packaging and moisture barriers

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