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Chilled and frozen foods Member Interest Group

Chilled and frozen foods Member Interest Group

This Member Interest Group is no longer active. Its activities have been re–distributed to the Agri–food, Meat and poultry, Microbiology MIGs and the newly created Processing, operations and preservation MIG which will meet on 27 September 2017.

MIG Manager: Emma Burton

Minutes archive

4 May 17 (final meeting)
9 Feb 17
21 Sep 16
26 Apr 16
21 Jan 16
24 Sep 15
20 May 15

This group considers both chilled foods, a wide range of perishable products that continue to increase in popularity and to be the focal point of much innovative product development, and frozen foods, traditionally seen as a more mature sector. Nevertheless, there is much common interest between the two groups and the MIG provides a clear focus for activities in these important areas.

Specific areas of interest include food safety, food quality and good manufacturing practice (particularly in regard to high-risk operations), risk-assessment, disinfection, refrigeration, rapid freezing, reheating of foods and preservation technologies relevant to the development of this product sector.

The MIG actively promotes and supports a wide range of research initiatives on chilled and frozen foods. Close contact is also maintained with the Chilled Foods Association on these and other relevant issues.

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