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Member Interest Group panel dates

Member Interest Group dates

Member Interest Group

Autumn '18


26 September

Cereals, Milling and Baking

9 October

Fermented and Alcoholic Drinks

18 September1

Food and Drink Science

11 September

Food Service

20 September

Meat and Poultry

25 September2


12 September

Nutrition and Health

3 October


4 October *

Processing, Operations and Preservation

4 October *

Quality and Food Safety Management

13 September

Sensory and Consumer

2 October

1 to be held at Accolade Wines, Bristol

2 to be held at Proseal UK Ltd, Macclesfield

* joint meeting with other MIG on same date (e.g. Processing, Operations and Preservation and Packaging)

All meetings will be held at the Chipping Campden site unless otherwise indicated