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Why some members attend our Member Interest Group meetings

"I find that the Member Interest Group meetings are an excellent place to network with customers and equipment suppliers on what could be called neutral ground. I have often been surprised by the possible application of technologies that did not appear relevant to my industry at first glance, and it has been invaluable to have someone in person to explore my ideas with. These discussions have resulted in me running trials on equipment that I would not normally have access to (or equipment still in the development stage) on more than 1 occasion and usually at minimal expense."
Steve Greatbatch, Jas Bowmans & Sons Ltd and Chair of the Manufacturing Technologies Member Interest Group

"Member Interest Group meetings for me are a great opportunity to meet with other people in the food business who are covering similar roles, or have overlapping responsibilities with mine. It's really energising to be able to share best practise and issues with methodology, as well as hear from external speakers. Regular updates from internal speakers allow me to keep up with the projects Campden is working on that are relevant to me and my company, and I also get to have an input into which projects are suggested and then chosen for future consideration. It makes me feel closer to my sector of the industry as a whole, and I enjoy the chance to network over lunch with old and new acquaintances."
Wendy Fisher, Mars Foods UK, and Chair of the Sensory and Consumer Member Interest Group

"Attending Campden BRI Member Interest Group meetings offers a range of benefits - a forum for discussion with one's peers about any topical issues, an opportunity to be updated on, and 'steer' the member-funded subscription projects relevant to the Member Interest Group, to hear interesting talks by external speakers, and to generally network with people within one's industry. (Lunch is good too!)"
Lynn Furnival, Weetabix Ltd and Chair of the Food & Drink Science Member Interest Group

"The Member Interest Group is a great opportunity for me to discuss the big issues and challenges of the day with businesses all along the agri-food supply chain. The discussion is open and wide-ranging, allowing everyone to contribute and also to pick up new ideas and snippets of information. It is a great networking opportunity. Very importantly, being in the Member Interest Group enables me to directly influence how my organisation's membership subscription is spent and ultimately the strategic direction of Campden BRI."
Dr. Helen Ferrier, Chief Science and Regulatory Affairs Adviser, National Farmers' Union and Chair of the Agri-Food Member Interest Group

"I have been involved in the Food Service Member Interest Group for 11 years; it is a great forum to network with other members and gain early access to research results."
Kate Sparey, Health and Food Safety Manager, Compass Group plc

"We are a long standing and active member of the Food Service Member Interest Group; it is a great forum to share best practice and keep track of all the new developments"
Gaynor Noonan, Food Safety Manager, McDonalds Restaurants and Vice-Chair of the Food Service Member Interest Group