Research programme

Research programme

Our Research Programme (PDF) lists all research and development projects, other than small service contracts and confidential consortia or company-funded work, currently being undertaken by Campden BRI. New projects for 2020 have been announced and further information on these projects will be published on these as the projects progress.

Projects are grouped by industry driver:

  • Safety
  • Quality and value
  • Nutrition, health and well–being
  • Sustainability, resilience and food security
  • Skills and knowledge

These drivers are drawn from the Scientific and Technical Needs of the Food and Drink Supply Chain – the result of a triennial industry consultation exercise we undertake. This emphasis on industrial relevance is reinforced by the active involvement of members in the creation, selection and steering of many of the research projects in this document. As a consequence, the results of the research programme have considerable commercial relevance.

For each project, a concise description is presented together with details of the funding source, start and end dates, collaborators, and project manager, who will be pleased to provide further information about their projects.

The commercial implications arising from each project are reported to members by a variety of routes:

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