Aerial taint

Over the last decade or so, much progress has been made on eradicating taint in the closure and packaging industry. The cork industry has cleaned up its act considerably; this, coupled with the development of alternative closures means that wine, once packaged, is less likely to become contaminated. However, one are that has been seriously overlooked is atmospheric or aerial taint in wineries, warehouses and cellars.

Up until recently, it had not been possible to quantify traces of complex molecules in the atmosphere. However, we have developed a new technique in order to make quantitation of aerial taint possible. This quantitation covers all the potential anisoles (see Haloanisole Screen) and chlorophenols, which are the precursors of the anisoles.

If you would like us to work with you to investigate and solve aerial taint problems, please contact the team to discuss how this method can help you.

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