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Pilot maltings

The pilot malting plant at Campden BRI is one of the few small scale systems capable of producing malts of commercial quality for pilot scale brewing.

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The pilot malting plants at Camden BRI comprises two steeping and germination drums and two kilns for the manufacture of enzymic malts, including distilling, lager, ale and coloured malt products.

Barley is screened to remove thin corns, bits of stalk, broken ears and dust. Clean barley from the screener is loaded into the drums where it's steeped with water and allowed to germinate for a few days. The embryo grows and produces short rootlets as the grain is converted to green malt.

The 50-kilogram plant is one of the few small-scale systems capable of producing malts of commercial quality for pilot-scale brewing, and we often use the malt in our pilot brewery.

After germination the green malt is transferred to the kilns where drying takes about a day. After this the kilns are unloaded, the roots removed from the malt and the de-rooted malt kept for brewing.

The production of highly coloured speciality malts is possible using a dedicated roasting plant. All the malts produced in the pilot plants are realistic mimics of commercial products across a wide colour range, from two to 1500 EBC.

Because the pilot plant mimics commercial production so closely it's used for new product development as well as variety testing and pesticide trials. It's also used to support our core research programme.