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What's new in September

Pathogen survival in chillded foods Pathogen survival in long–life chilled foods
Research is uncovering data regarding pathogen survival in long–life chilled foods.

HACCP for composting and anaerobic digestion Preventing haze in drinks
Research is developing methods for measuring and characterising hazes in beers.

TACCP podcast Nutrition, diet and health group formed
We have pulled together all of our activities to form a new nutrition, diet and health group.

Multisensory firework display FIC, FIR and food sold loose
The long-awaited domestic Food Information Regulation (FIR) has finally been published.

 In focus: Compliance

Complying with hygienic design and cleaning

Complying with hygienic design and cleaning

To ensure that food is safe and of high quality for the consumer, food processing and food service areas have to be hygienically designed and properly cleaned and maintained. Read more...

Due diligence analysis for a brewery

Blog: Preparing a due diligence analysis for a brewery

Gordon Jackson discusses what is required in a due food safety analysis for a brewery. Read more...


Food safety plans: a holistic approach to risk management

The food industry from farm to consumer continues to face many food safety challenges. Read more...

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