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What's new in August

Supply chain assurance Supply chain assurance: blog style article
The journey from farm gate to plate can be a complex one, with many challenges .

Microbiological stability low alcohol Microbiological stability low alcohol
Determining the microbiological stability of low and zero alcohol beverages (R&D report 394).

Campden BRI Day Food labelling: COOL rules
Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) has since the publication of 2 long awaited reports.

discrimination sensory tests Improved discrimination in sensory tests
Now a relatively new discrimination method, the Tetrad Test, is available.

 In focus: Skills and knowledge

ingredient functionality

An ingredient functionality approach to shelf life extension of foods

New research is focusing on the functionality and interaction of starches with other flour components. Read more...

Global food safety

Global food safety training survey

Our third annual global survey of food safety training has revealed some interesting developments. Read more...

FHIS: stimulating product innovation in Scotland

FHIS – stimulating product innovation in Scotland

Through FHIS, to date we have helped over 430 different Scottish companies across the food and drink supply chain to reformulate existing products for health. Read more...

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