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We provide technical support to the food, drinks and allied industries. We serve 2,400+ member companies and other clients in 75+ countries. Find out more on our about us, page or visit our fb page.

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What's new in January

Flash pasteuriser Flash pasteuriser video
We can flash pasteurise products prior to carbonating and filling. 1.08 mins.

Product reformulation Product reformulation podcast
Reformulation of products to reduce levels of specific components is possible.

UV-C processing UV-C processing capability acquired
We've recently invested in an ultraviolet light tunnel system.

Research programme 2015 Research programme 2015
Our 2015 Research Programme has just been published.

 In focus: Processing technologies

Innovation for industry

Innovation for industry

To download a copy of 'Innovation for the food and drink supply chain' send an e-mail to with the subject line: send innovation 2015. Read more...

High fibre

Drinks new product development

The alcoholic drinks sector, spirits in particular, is currently going through a very innovative phase, with products such as premixed cocktails and other ready–to–drink blends. Read more...

Heat process

Heat process validation: using surrogates

When developing, optimizing and validating a process aimed at eliminating microbial contamination of a food product, there's a point at which the factory process must be evaluated. Read more...

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