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What's new in May

X-ray system New sensory methods for alcoholic drinks
Assessing the flavour and appearance of beers, ciders and other alcoholic beverages.

Flavour analysis Investing in your future
Develop new products, analyse existing processes, and evaluate ideas for the future.

UV light tunnel Forcing chilled shelf-life
Part of the product development cycle is to set a suitable shelf life.

Campden BRI Day Optimise your thermal process
New guideline: Validation and optimisation of thermal processing systems

 In focus: Nutrition, health & well-being

Campden BRI Pilot Plant

Nutrition, health and well-being: the role of the pilot plant

Sarah Chapman and Charles Speirs looks at the role of the pilot plant in product development. Read more...

Campden BRI Day

Campden BRI Day, 3 June 2015

Network with your industry peers, see the latest scientific and technical developments, and hear the 37th Annual Campden Lecture presented by Charles Wilson, CE of Booker. Find out more... and register

Personalised nutrition

Preserving nutritional content

Our latest podcast looks at processing and preservation techniques that have a major role to play in optimising the nutritional content of foodstuffs. Read more...

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