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Acrylamide toolbox Acrylamide toolbox
Acrylamide is a potential carcinogen formed at high temperatures.

HACCP for composting and anaerobic digestion HACCP for composting and anaerobic digestion
Composting and anaerobic digestion are an integral part of primary production.

TACCP podcast TACCP podcast
Richard Leathers talks about Threat Assessment Critical Control Point (TACCP).

Multisensory firework display Complying with Microbiological Criteria blog
The production of safe foods is a priority for all manufacturers.

 In focus: Compliance

Beer and saving the planet

Beer and saving the planet

Brewing, just like many other food and beverage processes, is intensive in terms of energy and water resources. We have a good history of benchmarking good practice in energy and water usage. Read more...

Nutrition labelling

Nutrition labelling and the FIC

One of the most significant changes to be found in the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) is that declaring nutrition becomes mandatory. Read more...


Ergot sclerotia contamination of cereals

In response to proposed EU legislation, our Cereals and Cereal Applications Testing (CCAT) group has produced a method for the assessment of ergot sclerotia in cereals and grain intake. Read more...

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