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What's new in April

X-ray system Packaging that says health
How packaging design can be effectively utilised to communicate product health benefits

Flavour analysis Sensitive flavour analysis
New projects to look at food flavour, using a new instrument for analysis of flavour volatiles.

UV light tunnel UV light tunnel
A non-thermal, non-chemical technology to inactivate microorganisms.

Campden BRI Day Campden BRI Day 3 June 2015
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 In focus: Nutrition, health & well-being

>Developing foods that make you fuller for longer

Developing foods that make you fuller for longer

In new member-funded research we will be looking at ways in which food structure can be manipulated in energy-reduced foods to enhance satiety. Read more...

Stimulating product innovation

Stimulating product innovation

A consortium led by Campden BRI has had a major impact on 'healthy' food and drink product development in Scotland. Read more...

Personalised nutrition

Personalised nutrition for consumers

Healthier lifestyles are associated with the reduced risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, adopting healthier behaviours is a challenge. Read more...

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