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We provide technical support to the food, drinks and allied industries. We serve 2,000+ member companies and other clients in 65+ countries. View about us, or visit our fb page.

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What's new in July

Dr. Mehmood Khan Campden BRI Day 2014 - review
Nearly 600 members and guests registered for Campden BRI Day 2014.

Labelling Change in food labelling legislation
Ruth Price discusses the main provisions of the Food Information Regulation.

Food borne virus detection Food borne virus detection
Over recent years there has been an increase in the level of food borne illness.

Multisensory firework display Nutrition and health
Diet is an important modifiable risk factor that is linked to a range of these diseases.

 In focus: Compliance

Assuring wheat

Assuring wheat and flour suitability for purpose

Compliance is not just about ensuring that your product is legal - it also means ensuring that it conforms with the requirements contracted with your customers. Read more...

Tablets and capsules

Tablets and capsules reported as foreign bodies

Recent months have seen an increase in the number of tablets and capsules, reported by consumers as foreign bodies in food products, being received for identification. Read more...

Olive oil

Authenticity testing of olive oil

Campden BRI has been chosen by the Rural Payments Agency to carry out chemical testing to ensure the authenticity of olive oil imported into the UK. Read more...

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