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We are the UK's leading brewing research centre, covering all matters related to beer and wine development, production and analysis. We have pilot plant facilities for malting and brewing research, specialist product development, sensory and wine and spirits and expertise relating to brewing yeast microbiology. We also produce specialist sector databases.

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Drinks services Cereal list updated
List of agrochemicals accepted by the BBPA and Campden BRI has been updated

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Brewhouse efficiency and beer recipe formulation workshop

Brewing sector highlights

Free 'clinics' on Regulatory Affairs and Beer labels

Barney Hoare is going to be at our stand at Brau to give free advice Read more ...

Nitrosamines Analysis Service

Nitrosamines Analysis Service

We have upgraded our NDMA and ATNC analysis with a 200 Series GC and Model 810 Thermal Energy Analyser Read more ...

Mass Spectroscopy specialist appointed

Mass Spectroscopy specialist

Iain Patterson has joined our Brewing Division as a Mass Spectroscopy specialist with over fifteen years experience Read more ...

Campden BRI at Young Scientists Symposium

Campden BRI at Young Scientists Symposium

Barney Hoare and Hannah Lemar will present their research on flavour Read more ...