Could there be allergenic contaminants
in your raw materials?

From April 2012 newsletter     
allergenic contaminants

A series of information sheets will help member companies to identify potential risk areas of allergen cross-contamination in their crop-derived ingredients. When assessing the risk of cross-contamination in your ingredients, the likelihood of a problem arising will depend not only on the ingredient itself, but also on where it is grown. For example, in a particular region of the world your product may be grown near to a soya crop, whereas elsewhere the nearby crops may not present an allergenic risk.

Informing your risk assessment

These handy information sheets look at a range of plant allergens including peanuts, tree nuts and soya amongst others, and describe where they are grown in the world and how and when they are harvested.The simple tabulated format will enable you to use the information to inform your ingredient risk analysis.

As an output from member subscription-funded research, the datasheets have been issued exclusively to members and are available in a single volume as R&D report 323. Click button to request this report via email

For a copy of the full report send an e-mail to with the subject line: send RD323

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