New bread making process

From April 2012 newsletter     
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Significant developments in bread processing will lead to new opportunities for the baking industry to produce bread of improved quality with reduced energy input.We have teamed up with Rondo to commercialise this new process.

One of the benefits of the radical bread process (RBP) is that it can produce a high quality loaf of bread that is defined by a very fine and uniform structure of gas cells. Alternatively, lower protein flours can be used to produce equivalent quality bread to that made with other bread making methods.

The RBP combines specific process operations to give doughs with unique characteristics at a reduced energy input.The bread made by the RBP has excellent quality overall, comparing favourably with control samples in laboratory tests.

There are two stages to the RBP. The first is lamination so that the gas cells in the dough are shaped like ellipses rather than spheres.The second is to cut the dough and place it into the pan with the gas cells aligned in the same direction. During proof the ellipsoidal gas cells lengthen to create a bread with a unique structure.

Rondo has been working to develop its existing lamination equipment so that it is suitable for the RBP. Progress is good, with the first trials resulting in bread having the desired characteristics in terms of its unique structure.

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