New research – ways to improve food package seals

From April 2012 newsletter     
ways to improve food package seals

One of the new projects that you have voted for this year is exploring ways to improve package seals and thereby reduce product waste. Seal integrity is important for maintaining a safe and high quality product. However, to produce a good seal the correct sealing method and conditions need to be chosen.This needs to take account of the product, package and process as well as the specifics of adhesive type, temperature, pressure, dwell time and jaw design.There is an increasing consumer interest in the environmental impact of packaging and food waste. Selecting the wrong sealing methods or parameters can significantly increase food waste due to failures in the seal area.

This project will provide food manufacturers with information on optimum seal settings, helping to reduce seal size and material usage. It will cover all forms of packaging including pouches, flexible plastics, paperboard and can ends.

Contact: Lynneric Potter
+44(0)1386 842237