Food labelling guidance

Food labelling guidance

Label review service

A food label has a lot of work to do. Primarily it describes the product to a consumer and attracts the consumer to make a purchase. Whilst that sounds simple enough it can be quite easy not to consider all the necessary and myriad pieces of legislation and guidance, and to make matters more challenging there are substantial new labelling rules that also need to be taken into account.

A key requirement for any successful food business is the ability to develop new products efficiently; get them to market as quickly as possible and to ensure that when they arrive on the market they are properly labelled.

New labelling rules in the form of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) may be causing your business great volumes of work as you prepare to change your existing labels and incorporate the forthcoming labelling changes in time to meet the deadlines.

We can offer you cost effective and flexible solutions according to your needs as follows:-

  • FIC short report format compliance check, which will identify areas of non compliance with the new labelling requirements found in the new FIC Regulation

    Each FIC compliance check costs £150 plus VAT (£195 plus VAT for a non-member). For multiples of labels competitive rates may apply.
  • Comprehensive label checks on food product labels to ensure compliance with all relevant EU/UK legislation

    Working at any stage, from a development brief to finished artwork, we can advise on product formulations, so that names, claims and descriptions are supportable. An individually prepared quotation following submission to us of the product label, artwork, or similar would be based on the complexity of the label. A full report is issued on completion and includes detailed information regarding compliance with the FIC.
  • A simple independent verification that a piece of packaging is consistent with a signed off specification or artwork. We can help with this reconciliation process.

The service is delivered by our Regulatory Affairs team, which is widely recognised for its food labelling expertise and whose views are widely sought throughout the supply chain.

Client benefits include:

  • Accelerate your speed to market
  • Avoid costly product/process reformulations
  • Promote supply chain confidence
  • Avoid label and product write off costs
  • Build and maintain your reputation and stay out of court

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