Wheat testing and flour analysis


We support the global milling and baking industry sectors by offering a wide range of analytical services for wheat and flour. Many of our tests encompassing accepted indices of wheat and flour quality and functionality are accredited by UKAS.

Contract analytical services are offered in the following areas:

  • Laboratory and pilot-scale milling facilities
  • Contract analytical testing service for cereal grain and milled products.
  • Proficiency testing

Additional expertise in non-routine methods of cereals analysis, troubleshooting and consultancy is available via development and evaluation of new analytical methods and bespoke research and development.

Cereals and milling services

Campden BRI offers a comprehensive analytical and testing service to support the needs of the milling and baking industries. The service includes comprehensive cereal, flour and dough rheology testing. The expertise driven service is supported by extensive particle reduction and measurement facilities. The laboratory provides testing accredited to ISO17025:2005 by UKAS.

Contact us

If you would like further information about our wheat testing and flour analysis services please email us at information@campdenbri.co.uk or call our switchboard on +44(0)1386 842000 and they will be happy to direct your call to the relevant person.