Authenticity 12 August 2015 Press Release

Advances in food safety management systems: Campden BRI seminar

The food industry is constantly facing new hazards and threats, with new issues being identified on an almost daily basis. To meet these increasing challenges, our food safety management systems must also evolve.

The now traditional approach of managing food safety through prerequisite programmes and HACCP may no longer be sufficient. The food industry needs to embrace new systems, such as TACCP, to address vulnerabilities to deliberate contamination. It is considered that a holistic approach to food safety management will be most effective. Systems can only be effective where the food operation has a well developed culture of food safety.

This Campden BRI seminar (see, to be held on 24 November, will focus on:

There is also an option twilight/breakfast session (see with Caspar Berry ‐ Risk taking, decision making and attitudes to risk ‐ For further information on the seminar - please contact Daphne Llewellyn-Davies on
+44(0)1386 842040

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