Research themes

Our science will be delivered and communicated through the following 5 broad themes, and we will continue to maintain, develop and grow our founding pillars of expertise: thermal processing, cereals and baking, and brewing, in parallel.

Food safety

Our core theme at the heart of all that we do. The implementation of preventive measures, regular monitoring and testing, and effective communication can all help to ensure that food and drink products are safe and meet consumer expectations.

From the risk of foodborne illness and novel foodborne contaminants to allergens, chemical contamination, food fraud, and health risks from improper packaging and storage, we are focused on addressing key industry challenges.

We expect this area to be shaped by a combination of technological advancements, increased regulation and consumer demand for safer and healthier products. Addressing these safety concerns requires vigilance, innovation and collaboration across the industry, regulatory bodies and consumers.


The food and drink industry is rapidly evolving as digital technology continues to play a larger role in how businesses operate and interact with customers. Further innovations are required to help food and drink businesses adapt to changing consumer behaviours and preferences, and leverage technology to improve.

This area is likely to be shaped by consumer demand for convenience, personalisation and safety, as well as technological advancements in areas like IoT, AI, blockchain, and AR/VR. Digital technologies have the potential to play a significant role in supporting food and drink safety by increasing traceability, monitoring food safety parameters, analysing data, conducting risk assessments, educating consumers, and conducting remote inspections.


This area will be shaped by a growing awareness of the environmental impact of food production and consumption, as well as the urgent need to address climate change. This will require a concerted effort by businesses, consumers, and governments to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.


Controlling costs remains important for both consumers and food business operators. Addressing affordability will require a multi-faceted approach that includes increased efficiency, innovation, collaboration. By working together, businesses, consumers and governments can help ensure that healthy and sustainable food is accessible and affordable for everyone.

Diet and health

The future of diet and health for our industry is likely to be shaped by a combination of consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable products, advances in nutritional science, and the increasing use of digital technology to personalise and track dietary habits. Globally there is an obesity pandemic, the root causes need to be researched ad understood so solutions can be developed for future generations.

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