Plant based solutions

Plant based solutions

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Due to increasing consumer considerations around sustainability, ethics, and health, the demand for plant-based products is soaring. This is a major opportunity for the food and drink industry to develop their plant-based offering through new vegetarian, vegan, and meat-free products.

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Our team of product developers and food scientists have already contributed to the success of many vegan, vegetarian and meat-free products. From start-ups to international business expansion, wherever you are in your plant-based product development journey, we can help you with:

Consumer needs and sensory characterisation

There’s a growing demand for plant-based food products. Our Consumer Insights team can assist with tailored study designs that deliver successful solutions to:

  • Identify consumers’ attitudes to, and expectations of, plant-based ingredients - as well as product concepts
  • Conduct taste assessments for consumer acceptance, sensory characterisation, and concept fit
  • Identify the most effective claims for on-pack use while proposing clear routes to sensory claim substantiation

NPD and characterisation

Consumer needs and sensory characterisation

With our ingredient functionalities knowledge across various categories, we can support with:

  • Characterisation of meat-free and plant-based ingredients
  • Product development and formulation optimisation
  • Provide advice on processing and shelf-life stability

Nutritional assessment and enhancement

From maximising nutritional profile to achieving claims or meeting regulatory requirements, we help you deliver nutritious plant-based products by:

  • Determining nutritional content
  • Offering nutritional solutions, such as protein content and/or quality, to enhance your plant-based food’s profile to satisfy your product ambitions

Processing and safety

Extensive food safety data, shelf-life data, and predictive models for food safety exist for animal-based products, but the same cannot be said for plant-based foods. We can assist you with the technical challenges to formulate safe and high-quality plant-based meat alternatives with:

  • New, adapted, or optimised food production processes to ensure stability (quality and microbiological)
  • Plant-based products performance comparison with meat-based alternative (during processing and over shelf-life)
  • Support with use of new technologies, such as HPP for protein texturisation, to create more functional ingredients
  • Allergen’s consideration
  • Microbiological shelf-life assessment

End-use consideration and unlocking new potential for ingredients

Novel ingredients

Our experts can help you to understand more about your ingredients and potential products that they could be used in, namely by:

  • Identifying factors that may affect the performance of your product such as incorporation with other products, variation in cooking times or methods
  • Determining any functional properties of waste streams

Regulatory support

Understanding and closely following governmental regulations for plant-based products can be a very daunting and complex task. Our global regulatory team can help you:

  • Ensure your products are compliant with all local and international regulatory agencies
  • Stay informed of regulatory news and developments in plant-based foods
  • Anticipate regulatory scientific challenges

Partner with the experts in plant-based products at Campden BRI

Working with us means partnering with a dedicated team of experts in plant-based food and drink. Our focus is to build, maintain, and improve customer experience throughout the entire product life to give you a competitive edge.

Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed in your plant-based food and drink journey.

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