Technical services

Technical services

To the outsider, making food products that are suitable for commercial sale may appear to be relatively straightforward. It isn't. It is an involved and complex process. Small businesses will need help at many stages - even major multi-nationals will need the assistance of outside experts such as Campden BRI from time to time.

The major reason for using Campden BRI is our breadth and depth of expertise. We know a lot about a lot. From the building of the factory and the design of the equipment within it, through the manufacturing process itself and the associated issues with ingredients and packaging, to the testing of final product for sensory, chemical and microbiological properties, we can help.

Why do you need Campden BRI?

Companies who are familiar with the complexities of food manufacturing will appreciate the many stages at which they might require our assistance. Those who aren't should contact us immediately!

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If you would like further information or prices please email us at or call our switchboard on +44(0)1386 842000 and they will be happy to direct your call to the relevant person.