Agriculture and raw materials

Agriculture and raw materials are the first steps in the food chain. Good quality products require good quality ingredients. Below is a collection of articles related to agriculture and raw materials. To find out more about our agriculture and raw material services get in touch –

Selection of wheat, flour, and grain

Campden BRI Millers' Day

In collaboration with UK Flour Millers, we are delighted to invite members of the milling industry and interested stakeholders to a free one-day event at Chi...

E. coli growth being scraped on an agar plate

Understanding and controlling the threat of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli

Demystifying E. coli , STEC, VTEC and O157, looking at the difference between Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) and non- Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, an...

Earth as seen from space

Kayser space cellular agriculture in space feasibility study

All about our exciting work with Kayser Space and Cellular Agriculture Ltd on a European Space Agency project to explore the cultivation of meat for space mi...

Case studies
People engaging and meeting around a table

Research, partnerships and accessing funding

Craig Leadley, Technology Fellow covers UKRI funding channels, connecting businesses to funding bodies and resources, the exciting research for which we have...

Crop shot of earth from space

Cultivating meat for space missions

Technology Fellow, Craig Leadley takes us through his exciting work with Kayser Space and Cellular Agriculture Ltd on a European Space Agency project to expl...

Tractor in large field fertilising crops with sun setting in background

Four sources of food allergen cross-contact from throughout the food chain

Allergen cross-contact can occur at every stage of the food chain, from ‘farm to fork’. Among the many sources of risk that food business operators must cons...


Are you getting the ingredients you paid for?

For more on analysis and testing, including rapid turnaround for urgent testing, visit our service pages.

Ice-cream cones on factory production line

5 ways to benefit from food processing improvement strategies

Food processing technologies improve the efficiency and safety of the processes used to transform raw materials into finished food and beverage products. By ...

Selection of plant-based foods and eggs

Ingredient functionality: unlock power and control through detailed understanding

Knowing the purpose of each ingredient in your product, and what characteristics enable them to fulfil these, can help manufacturers to overcome challenges w...

Consumer shopping with basket

What will 2023 bring for the food and drink industry?

What food and drink industry trends and threats are you preparing for as we head into the coming year? How will you and your business navigate the challenges...

Scientists inspecting crops

How resilient is your supply chain?

Campden BRI has a long history of providing specialist advice to the food and drink industry on best practice for ensuring that supply chains remain resilien...


Webinar: Agri-Food MIG - Spring 2022

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Spring. Wednesday 30 March 2022


Webinar: Agri-Food MIG - Autumn 2021

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Autumn. Thursday 11 November 2021.


Pesticides - a changing landscape that demands close monitoring

Discussion around the use of pesticides, or 'plant protection products', can often be emotive, and occasionally the lines between scientific and political ar...

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Closeup shot of wheat in field

Supply chain assurance

Thanks to the global supply chain, consumers today have an abundant supply of food all year round.

Man in field inspecting lettuce type crop with digital tablet

Sustainable Crop Protection

Pesticides are a vital tool for farmers and growers to enable the production of economic yields of marketable crops which meet the requirements of the supply...

White paper
Animal feed

Animal Feed Safety and Quality

Animal feed safety and quality have come to the forefront in recent years.

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Selection of fruit and vegetables


Traceability is a widely used term and is one of those broad concepts, like quality, for which there are many definitions and applications.

Sustainable crop protection

Sustainable crop protection

Agronomist Richard Stanley explains how a new project is exploring the role of biological control and integrated crop management strategies.

Crop inspections taking place in poly tunnel

Risk assessment of raw materials

As the range and prevalence of hazards in the food chain continues to grow and food manufacturers increasingly look to global markets to source raw materials...


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