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Tailored training: choose where and when you want your training

Popular courses can also be delivered at your own business premises?

An increasing number of clients are now asking us to run some of our training courses at their own sites exclusively for their own staff. This can be a more cost-efficient and a more time efficient solution for your training needs, as well as offering great potential as a team building exercise.

It's not as costly as you might think

If you have 5 staff or more who might benefit from training delivered by our expert trainers, it is definitely worth asking for a quotation for tailored training to be delivered at your site. Often travel costs, and for longer courses accommodation costs, can add significant amounts to the total cost of training. And as the cost of tailored training is a fixed fee, the more people you send on the course, the more cost effective it becomes for you (but to ensure effective training, maximum numbers do apply for each course).

Bespoke training to match your needs

One significant advantage enjoyed by those clients who choose tailored training, is that parts of many courses can be tailored to address your particular business issues and problems.

It´s easy to arrange

Contact Jo Rathkey, Training Manager, in the first instance to discuss your requirements: or call +44(0)1386 842104. We will get a quotation sent out to you quickly and, subject to availability of our course tutors, you can choose the date when you want the training to be delivered at your preferred site.

In–company Training Academies

We are involved in a growing number of company Training Academies, working with Learning and Development and HR teams to put together a technical training needs analysis, with our team of experts offering course design and content development through to delivery. Contact for more information.

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