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Fit to Fly testing - Know you are COVID-19 clear before flying

With decades of PCR testing experience, our teams are providing reliable Fit to Fly testing for anyone who needs it.. View more

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News updates in July

Food packaging

Choosing the best packaging in a post-pandemic world

This month, find out how to choose the best packaging for your product in a post-pandemic world, which foods are prone to which pathogens so you can identify the root cause of contamination, how new research may help dramatically cut packaging sterilisation times, and much more. Read blog

Contamination issues: Which foods are prone to which pathogens? And why?

Contamination issues: Which foods are prone to which pathogens? And why?

Dr Roy Betts details the microorganisms present in specific food categories (including meats, ready meals and dairy products) to help you understand the potential root causes of contamination. Read blog

Plasma technology

NEW research finds plasma tech dramatically cuts packaging sterilisation times

Working with Sterafill, our experts recently found new plasma technology to cut pre- and re-sterilisation times down by up to 93% compared to traditional methods - potentially saving manufacturers significant time. Find out how else it’s benefitting the industry. Find out more

Online training course

NEW online and live course: Introduction to Food Law in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC)

This course will provide a general understanding of the requirements for food and drink products that are meant for the GCC market by covering the relevant legislation related to export in this region. Interested? Find out more

Connect 2021

Campden BRI Connect 2021 hub still live – learn at your leisure

Gain insights on current food industry topics to move your business forward; visit our online hub while it’s still live to learn from the wealth of content that covers up-to-date food law information, how you can respond to changing needs, food safety challenges and much more. Visit the hub​​

Introduction to food law in China

NEW online and live course: Introduction to Food Law in China

Is your business looking to export its food and drink products to China? This tutor-led course will help you understand how these products are regulated in this country by providing an overview of food legislation in China. Find out more​

COVID-19 information and services

Fit to fly testing

Fit to Fly testing

We offer PCR testing that is highly accurate and sensitive to early detection of SARS-Cov-2. PCR testing detects lower levels of virus than other available methods.

Coronavirus services – help with COVID-19

Coronavirus services – help with COVID-19

In response to the current pandemic, we are developing methods to help the food industry control and detect SARS-CoV-2.

New swab testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Swab testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

These swab tests allow us to check for the virus on your premises. Allowing you to check your cleaning regimes are effective or as a way to reassure your workforce.

Ensuring factory hygiene to prevent COVID-19

Ensuring factory hygiene to prevent COVID-19

Our food management systems specialists provide a checklist of actions and tips to help guard your factory from SARS-CoV-2.

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