Culture Excellence

The Culture Excellence Program is an effective solution for the measurement, analysis, benchmarking, and sustained improvement of safety and quality culture.


Our Culture Excellence Program - that we run in partnership with TSI Taylor Shannon International - is a fantastic tool which has been developed specifically for assessing, characterising, strengthening, and benchmarking safety and quality culture at manufacturing, retail, food service, DC and support/corporate sites.

It provides you with a very practical improvement plan at group and site level to drive and sustain the right behaviours which will include a range of activities across our key 20 dimensions; and enables you to benchmark yourself against other businesses.

You can then take the survey again (typically 12 months – 18 months later) to measure the impact and Return on Investment (ROI) of your various activities and training/comms.

For more information on the Culture Excellence program please visit or get in touch with our Culture Excellence Lead, Bertrand Emond.


Culture Excellence is the result of over 20 years of academic research (peer-reviewed) and industry experience. We launched the program in 2014/15 and now have over 8000 sites based in 90+ countries in the program.

It is based on an anonymous online survey taken by employees across the organisation followed by an analysis of the results via a dynamic platform and the development of an action plan. The scope can cover food safety, quality, health and safety, and environmental sustainability. It is available in 60 different languages.

The data results are reported on a dedicated online analytics platform providing an extensive range of data views and reports.

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The Culture Excellence assessment is based on the following structure:

Culture excellence structure


The Culture Excellence team provides a wide range of support activities:

Core program support - View PDF

Core program support

Optional extra support - View PDF

Optional extra support

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