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A new approach to improving product safety

When it comes to product safety, the most critical factor is what your staff think and do. You can have the best documented food safety processes and standards in the world, but if they're not consistently put into practice by your staff then they're useless.

The food safety culture of a company reflects the attitudes and practices of its staff. By analysing your food safety culture you can improve your company's compliance with food safety practices and in turn reduce food related disease.

Food Safety Culture

The first focus of the programme is Food Safety Culture. Some aspects of safety culture are easy to see, others are not. This makes the culture assessment very challenging. But through our online system and our expert analysis and interpretation of your survey results, we can help you quantitatively measure the food safety culture of your organisation. Organisations that receive the Food Safety Culture Audit will gain access to dedicated support resources and a growing body of research to facilitate ongoing improvement:

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The Culture Excellence Model

TSI in partnership with Campden BRI, has spent two years developing the Culture Excellence Model – a unique program which measures and diagnoses strengths and weaknesses in the culture of organisations.

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