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Talking safety and quality Culture Excellence at Campden BRI’s 8th annual seminar

22 May 2023 | Laura Hewitt, Technical Manager and Professional Doctorate Scholar at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Laura is a Professional Doctorate Scholar at Cardiff Metropolitan University and a Technical Manager in the food industry. She has over ten years of technical experience within the food and drink manufacturing sector in bakery, ready-to-eat foods and beverage manufacturing, including high-risk, high-care and low-risk settings. She has extensive food safety management expertise and has developed a food safety culture improvement plan for her current company, including auditing food safety management systems, processes and procedures. Her Professional Doctorate project is focussed on developing bespoke food safety culture improvement interventions for a low-risk food and drink manufacturer.

A warm welcome to the third virtual safety and quality culture excellence seminar from Bertrand Emond

For the third year in a row, the 8th annual Safety and Culture Excellence seminar has been delivered virtually by Campden BRI in partnership with Taylor Shannon International (TSI).

During the introduction of the event, which took place during two sessions on 13th and 14th December 2022, Bertrand Emond opened with a comprehensive overview of ‘What is culture?’. There are various definitions of culture that all emphasise it as something that is shared throughout an organisation.

In the context of food safety culture, there is a shared responsibility and accountability within food businesses. This means finding a way to ensure that people are doing the right thing right at all times, even when noone is watching. A positive food safety culture means that no matter the external influence (time pressures, financial pressures, etc.), food safety is of the utmost importance under all circumstances. Consumers need to have trust in every step of the supply chain, so there is responsibility for this at each stage. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this does not stop with food safety; culture relating to quality, environmental sustainability and health and safety are also inextricably linked.

Bertrand gave an overview of the elements of the peer-reviewed Culture Excellence model, with its four categories and 20 dimensions, which have been proven to be important elements in the determination and improvement of culture.

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The Culture Excellence Program is an effective solution for the measurement, analysis, benchmarking, and sustained improvement of safety and quality culture.

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