Nutrition and wellbeing

Nutrition and wellbeing are important for health. They are also key consumer demands. Below is a collection of articles on nutrition and wellbeing. Product development and reformulation in response to the needs for improved nutrition, health and wellbeing requires a multi-disciplinary approach. To find out more about our product development services get in touch –

Wheat, grains and flour

Highlights and insights from Millers’ Day 2024

We cover the detail of the presentations given by our in-house experts, on ultra-processed foods, developments in cereal testing methods, and food allergen c...

Worker inserting temperature probe into food pouch whilst loading retort

Safely achieving clean label products through thermal, non-thermal and emerging processing techniques

‘Clean label’ innovations require developers to strike the right balance between various considerations. The choice of processing also needs to be factored i...

Range of high fat, salt and sugar foods

Promotional restrictions in the UK for products that are high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS)

An open consultation for England was opened in December 2022 on the introduction of secondary HFSS legislation for the further advertising restrictions on TV...

Man presenting with flip chart in front of an audience

‘Hot topics’ top 5 – the key focus areas and industry challenges that our members are talking about

The hottest topics that were most discussed in our 2023 Member Interest Group (MIG) meetings, why these issues are ‘hot’, what the challenges are and how we ...

Earth as seen from space

Kayser space cellular agriculture in space feasibility study

All about our exciting work with Kayser Space and Cellular Agriculture Ltd on a European Space Agency project to explore the cultivation of meat for space mi...

Case studies
People engaging and meeting around a table

Research, partnerships and accessing funding

Craig Leadley, Technology Fellow covers UKRI funding channels, connecting businesses to funding bodies and resources, the exciting research for which we have...

Crop shot of earth from space

Cultivating meat for space missions

Technology Fellow, Craig Leadley takes us through his exciting work with Kayser Space and Cellular Agriculture Ltd on a European Space Agency project to expl...

Audience at a conference

Attending the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) Spring conference 2023

IFST’s Spring Conference was on ‘Taming the Perfect Storm’ and the interconnecting health, nutrition, food security and environmental challenges facing our i...

Tortillas created from food waste

Waste valorisation: reformulating with food ‘waste’ to double fibre content

Waste valorisation empowers food and drink business operators to maximise value from their supply chains, reduce waste and save money. Here we repurpose a fo...

Case studies
Consumer shopping with basket

What will 2023 bring for the food and drink industry?

What food and drink industry trends and threats are you preparing for as we head into the coming year? How will you and your business navigate the challenges...

Food service MIG

Webinar: Food service MIG - Autumn 2022

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Autumn. Tuesday 29 Nov 2022

Food service MIG

Webinar: Food service MIG - Spring 2022

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Spring. Thursday 24 March 2022

Nutrition and health MIG

Webinar: Nutrition and health MIG - Spring 2022

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Spring. Thursday 16 March 2022

Food service MIG

Webinar: Food service MIG - Autumn 2021

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Autumn. Tuesday 14 October 2021.

Nutrition and health MIG

Webinar: Nutrition and health MIG - Autumn 2021

Your Member Interest Groups (MIGs) meetings were online this Autumn. Thursday 7 October 2021.

Selection of tortilla wraps on serving board

Gut microbiome and health – what’s the impact of baked goods?

With consumers focusing on eating foods that promote their gut health, it’s important to know how foods impact the gut to understand how to develop products ...

Reducing portion size

Reducing portion size - how low can we go?

Obesity remains a problem in the UK, and product downsizing is just one of the ways we can try to help. It also offers an effective cost optimisation strateg...

Food products

Pre-processing to improve natural nutrition and functionality of ingredients

This project will develop knowledge on nutrient bioaccessibility and bioavailability to optimise the nutritional value and technical function of the food pro...

Research project

Vegan and vegetarian products - help with the challenge

Assisting the industry with the various challenges posed by the growing trend for vegan and vegetarian foods and drinks, including a focus on the associated ...

Research project

Calorie reduction and fibre enhancement

This project will provide an understanding of the functionality of fibres, potential new sources of fibre and which fibres perform best in certain products.

Research project

Novel natural preservative systems for use in drinks, sauces and other high aw foods

This project will practically assess potential novel preservatives to understand efficacy and whether other processing steps are needed to ensure their effec...

Research project

Clean label sugar reduction

This project aims to take an alternative approach by understanding how far sugar can be simply removed before product quality is compromised.

Research project
Comparing tortillas

Reformulating with food ‘waste’ to double fibre content

As part of our research into calorie reduction and fibre enhancement, we successfully used food waste to double the fibre content of a tortilla.

Plant proteins

Investigating plant-based proteins

With the rise of veganism and flexitarian diets, the industry is looking for alternatives to egg, diary and animal-based proteins.


Ingredient selection to meet compositional and nutritional targets

This project will develop a database tool to guide ingredient selection during formulation against compositional and nutritional targets.

Research project
Novel ingredients

Functionality of novel ingredients from natural sources

This project will assess the performance of selected food ingredients.

Research project

Calorie reduction through fibre enhancement

Increasing the level of fibre in a product offers significant potential for reducing its ‘calorie density’.

short-run cannned food

Short-run canned food – ideal for intervention feeding trials

The University of Glasgow’s School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing wanted to run an intervention trial to assess the health impacts of ingredient changes ...

Case studies

Potential of plant proteins for ingredient and product development

This project will develop techniques to produce protein rich ingredients cost and time efficiently.

Research project

Reformulation for calorie reduction

In this short podcast Sarah Thomas and Mike Adams discuss reformulation for calorie reduction.

Ingredient selection

Ingredient selection to meet nutritional targets

We are working on a member funded project to develop a system to help improve the product reformulation process (Emma Hanby)

Baked goods

Fibre - an innovative approach to healthier baked goods

There is considerable evidence linking poor dietary choices to higher risks of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


FHIS - Creating a tasty burger with increased fibre

We were challenged as part of a project for FHIS to reformulate economy beef burgers to make them healthier.

Case studies

Nutrition and health labelling

Adequate human nutrition requires the regular intake of around fifty different components of foods, split between the macronutrients, the micronutrients and ...

White paper

Nutrition, health and wellbeing: the consumer perspective

Over the last 5 to 10 years there has been a growth in research and media attention in the areas of health, nutrition and well-being from the perspective of ...


Developing food and drink for a nutrition, health and wellbeing market

We are all acutely aware of the growing concerns surrounding our health.

White paper

The importance of ingredients

Nutrition, diet and health are currently hot topics for the food industry.

Healthy food

Nutrition and health: Encouraging healthier food choices

It is well–known that lifestyle–related non–communicable diseases are now the leading cause of death globally.


Designing products for nutrition and health claims

When designing products with nutrition or health claims in mind it is important that you fully understand the legislation involved

White paper

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