Ingredients: meet nutritional targets

Project team Rachel Rosin
Member Funded Research project
Running: January 2017 – December 2019
Project Number: 140908
Proposal documentation

Many factors are driving food and drink product formulation/ingredient selection to reach nutritional goals. This is a technically complex process; however, food retailers and manufacturers are driven to improve the nutritional composition of their products to meet consumer demand, make nutrition and health claims, and meet increasing social responsibility.

This project has been developing a tool which will help members select ingredients when formulating products to achieve compositional and nutritional targets. Case studies were conducted to investigate methods that address a range of nutritional drivers, e.g. reduction of sugar and fat in cheesecake and ice cream, allowing initial development of the database. Earlier this year, the development of the tool was further steered by members following an online review of proposed content and the updated prototype was demonstrated at the Autumn Nutrition and Health MIG.

This database tool is now available for members to access.

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