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The food and drink industry is facing significant challenges. Finding the right partner to deliver understanding and the optimal response is critical. Campden BRI is a leader in global food and drink science and research, possessing both the knowledge and practical expertise to deliver results that safeguard businesses and unlock opportunities.


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Trending in food and drink

Shelf-life in the GCC region ebook mockup

Shelf-life in the GCC region: download our FREE eBook

As thought leaders in the food and drink industry, we have produced this Shelf-life eBook to provide support for food and drink manufacturers whose products are produced in, or exported to, the GCC region.


Supply chain resilience ebook mockup

Supply chain resilience: download our FREE eBook

Make your business more resilient, agile and effective, so that you can ensure efficient continuity of supply of safe, quality food.


Woman opening oven door

Cooking energy and cost rating white paper

Many consumers are considering the cost of cooking food products at home, as well as which appliances and methods may help them to minimise these costs.


Latest updates

Woman selecting fruit in a supermarket

Understanding and setting food and drink shelf-life in the GCC region

Covering what the GSO is and its role within the GCC, how food and drink shelf-life is regulated in this region, and how to overcome the challenges that this can present for those producing in and exporting to this region.


E. coli growth being scraped on an agar plate

Understanding and controlling the threat of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli

Demystifying E. coli , STEC, VTEC and O157, looking at the difference between Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) and non- Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, and how to control these pathogens and prevent contamination and recalls.


Audience at a conference

Campden BRI conference - New ingredients, new processes: managing established risks

This conference, held at IFE Manufacturing, London, will focus on managing established risks when it comes to introducing new ingredients and new processes to your operation.


Chicken breast being packed on a production line

Validation trial for Blakbear Ltd’s freshness indicator

Blakbear’s mission is to expedite the transition away from fixed use-by dates, by bringing quality assurance to every package.


Plant worker operating pulsed electric field kit

Grain steeping throughput and water usage – the impact of pulsed electric field technology

In line with the brewing industry’s interest in exploring ways to increase productivity and save energy, without compromising final product quality, we have conducted research into how PEF technology can benefit malting.


Sensory panel tasting food

Track the quality of your products using benchmarking

Benchmarking is an excellent, cost-effective way to get an ‘informed consumer’ perspective on your products, without the need to pay for input from real consumers.


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