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The food and drink industry is facing significant challenges. Finding the right partner to deliver understanding and the optimal response is critical. Campden BRI is a leader in global food and drink science and research, possessing both the knowledge and practical expertise to deliver results that safeguard businesses and unlock opportunities.


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Trending in food and drink

Supply chain resilience ebook mockup

Supply chain resilience: download our FREE eBook

Make your business more resilient, agile and effective, so that you can ensure efficient continuity of supply of safe, quality food.


Woman opening oven door

Cooking energy and cost rating white paper

Many consumers are considering the cost of cooking food products at home, as well as which appliances and methods may help them to minimise these costs.


chicken drumsticks in air fryer

Air fryers – ensuring safety and quality

Regardless of the popularity and success of air fryers, the variability of cooking performance presents a food safety challenge to the food industry.


Latest updates

Factory worker operating plant kit

The importance of TACCP

Richard Leathers, Global Quality Lead covers the importance and key features of TACCP – needed to protect your food business from food fraud and deliberate attack, and to ensure compliance to BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety.


People sharing food cuisine

5 drivers impacting global food safety

As the transformation in the way we produce, distribute and consume food continues, there is a need for effective and proactive food safety management that keeps pace with the changing global context.


Consumer reading food label in supermarket

Preparing for 2024 – expected trends and challenges

What food and drink industry trends and threats are you preparing for as we head into the coming year? How will you and your business navigate the challenges and maximise opportunities throughout 2024 and beyond?


Factory worker operating pulsed electric field kit in pilot plant

Achieving sustainability and efficiency through new technologies

By adopting advanced technologies and best practices, manufacturers can improve the efficiency and sustainability of many different food and drink processing activities.


Strategy planning meeting with two people looking at clipboard

Innovate UK funded access to our services

Find out how eligible start-ups and SMEs can apply for £15,000 of grant funding to spend with us and others.


Campden BRI scientist looking through microscope

Pathogen risks to be aware of – lessons from recent recalls and outbreaks

An overview of the foodborne pathogens of concern in the food processing environment and the food chain, drawing on recent outbreak and recall information.


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