Effective food allergen management and consumer information that is accurate, clear and complete are essential for protecting consumers with food allergies, your brand reputation and your bottom line. We provide tailored, expert support in all areas of food allergen management.

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New ingredients, new processes: managing established risks

With the adoption of new ingredients and processing technologies, food business operators need to be aware of the associated food safety risks so that they c...

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Wheat, grains and flour

Highlights and insights from Millers’ Day 2024

We cover the detail of the presentations given by our in-house experts, on ultra-processed foods, developments in cereal testing methods, and food allergen c...

Selection of common allergenic foods

Optimising food allergen management – through risk management and risk communication

This white paper is structured into these four key sections and summarises some of the key insights and updates shared during our ‘Optimising food allergen m...

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Selection of common foods related to allergies

Asking our network about their food allergen cross-contact concerns

We asked our LinkedIn network for feedback on allergen cross-contact via a number of poll questions about their concerns in this area.

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Allergen labelling

In EU legislation, there are 14 groups of food raw materials that must be labelled on food and drink packages if they have been deliberately included as an i...

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Selection of allergen related foods

Food allergen management: what you need to know about the Codex code of practice

Roughly 3% to 10% of adults and 8% of children worldwide are estimated to have a food allergy. Cases of food-induced anaphylaxis, at times resulting in fatal...

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Frequently answered questions about EU-harmonised and UK food law

Based on common enquiries received by our Regulatory Affairs team, we have compiled some key information on the provision of information on labels of prepack...

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Food allergen management and labelling – the food industry’s evolution

Helen Arrowsmith, Regulatory Affairs Manager and Allergen Specialist reflects on the industry’s evolution with respect to food allergen labelling and managem...

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Food allergen labelling – the difference between ‘gluten’ and ‘cereals containing gluten’

Helen Arrowsmith (Regulatory Affairs Manager and Allergen Specialist), Christopher James (Safety and Quality Specialist, Allergens) and Lewis Wallis (Regulat...

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Four sources of food allergen cross-contact from throughout the food chain

Allergen cross-contact can occur at every stage of the food chain, from ‘farm to fork’. Among the many sources of risk that food business operators must cons...

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Selecting the right method or test kit for your food allergen testing

With so many different food allergen tests available, it can be daunting to select the most appropriate option. We can help you.

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Are you following developments in precautionary allergen labelling and information?

This blog discusses precautionary allergen labelling/information (often referred to as ‘may contain’ statements) and details recent developments in this area.

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Managing food allergens: download our FREE eBook

Ensure food safety, control and confidence through effective food allergen management. Discover how from our latest eBook.

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Food Standards Agency: international review of the literature and guidance on food allergen cleaning

We have conducted an international review of the literature and guidance on food allergen cleaning, commissioned by the FSA to inform them on how best to ta...

Case studies
Looking at food allergens through magnifying glass

Nearly 70% of respondents consider cross-contamination the biggest challenge when dealing with food allergens

When asked in our recent poll, ‘What do you consider to be the biggest challenge with allergen management?’, an overwhelming 68% of respondents chose cross-c...

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Allergen labelling for foods prepacked for direct sale (PPDS)

From 1 October 2021 in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, any food that is prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) must have appropriate labelling.

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Cleaning and disinfection of food factories – cleaning for allergen control

This short video offers some simple guidance for making informed choices when cleaning as part of an allergen control process.

Pre-packaged food in coffee shop

Allergen labelling of prepacked foods

This presentation discusses allergen labelling worldwide and how it compares to the EU.

Gluten Free

Changes to gluten-free labelling legislation

The legislation regarding gluten-free labelling and information is changing; new rules apply from 20th July 2016.

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Food allergens, reference doses, action levels and precautionary labelling

Food allergens - reference doses, action levels and labelling

Anton Alldrick and Helen Arrowsmith discuss aspects of allergen reference doses and action levels.


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