Quality and food safety management - Member Interest Group

The effective management of quality is of vital concern to the food retailing and manufacturing industries and their suppliers. This active and broad-ranging MIG deals with the development and application of cost-effective quality and environmental management systems across a wide range of food-based activities. Developments in legislation and technical issues relevant to these areas are also discussed, as outlined in the principal areas of interest.

The MIG has acted as a forum at which representatives of interested parties have discussed the further development and implementation of a number of standards for the food industry and its suppliers, including the BRC Technical Standard, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 15161 and HACCP auditing standards.

It has also helped to oversee the development of Campden BRI’s HACCP auditing standard and associated protocol.

Chair: David Rose, Mondelez
Vice-Chair: Rob Scharf, Hotel Chocolat

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Quality and food safety management MIG

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