Training Academies

Campden BRI has a great track record in the development of training programmes and academies (typically based on a blended learning approach) with key food manufacturing and food retailing businesses over the last 10 years. Increasingly we work more closely with Learning and Development and HR functions, as well as Technical Departments within our Members’ organisations, to help them to plan Technical Training programmes and provide learning opportunities for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes.

Training academies

There can be many aspects to Technical Training. It can include not only food safety, innovation and quality management, but also food hygiene and food manufacturing technologies, food legislation and labelling, through to consumer and sensory science and nutrition and health issues. With our wide breadth of understanding of the practical application of food science and technology, and our long established reputation of working successfully with food and drink companies large and small, Campden BRI is ideally equipped to help you to build your Technical Training plan through a Training Academy.

Setting up a Training Academy with Campden BRI offers some significant benefits to our Members:

We can support you in many ways including:

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Next steps

An initial meeting with the key technical training/L&D personnel to establish the scope of the training requirement and the learning outcomes being sought.

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