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Supply chain assurance

31 July 2015 | Chris Knight

Thanks to the global supply chain, consumers today have an abundant supply of food all year round. However, the journey from farm gate to plate can be a complex one, with many challenges along the way. Meeting these challenges is critical to the success of the entire supply chain.

A supply chain is a dynamic series of links and much of its success is down to the essential links in the supply chain working together. This means growers planting the right varieties and harvesting at the optimum time for ripeness and quality, processors and packers preparing and packaging products effectively and efficiently, transportation firms getting products to their destinations on time and in peak condition and retailers ensuring that there are correct merchandising, pricing and promotions in place.

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Retailers have their own unique challenges to overcome, such as managing consumer expectations, maintaining profit margins, maximising efficiencies while reducing wastage and environmental impacts, and managing merchandising and promotions to entice consumers to buy.

Good relationships are key to a smooth running supply chain. Retailers and suppliers working closely together can yield substantial benefits, including lowered costs, and reduced environmental impact, and it can also improve safety and quality.

Improvements in the supply chain help increase production and supply more food in more efficient ways, whilst also reducing waste levels and using resources more effectively. This helps not just to stimulate economic growth but also to feed the growing world population. Retailers and growers, as well as food manufacturers, retailers and consumers, all have a crucial role to play.

We can help with many aspects of supply chain management. From production standards and best practice requirements and guidance, food safety management systems including HACCP, traceability and TACCP, to raw material supply chain assurance approval and performance monitoring, packaging technologies and product labelling.

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