Press releases

March 2023
Campden BRI and The AWRI team-up to support growth of UK wine sector (30/03/23)

November 2022
Thermal processing training whenever and wherever you need it. (03/11/22)

October 2022
Campden BRI launches ‘Campden Learning’, an On Demand E-learning platform tailored to the food and drink industry. (18/10/22)

September 2022
Campden BRI is seeking partners for alternative gas mix research to combat carbon dioxide shortages (06/09/22)

July 2022
Campden BRI receives RoSPA President’s Award for 10 years’ worth of Gold Award health and safety achievements (26/07/22)

February 2022
Moving from “Use by” to “Best before” dates: can we trust the sniff test? (11/02/22)

January 2022
Support to the meat industry: Alternative gas mixes for MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) (19/01/22)

December 2021
Instil confidence in your air cleaning system through validation (2/12/21)

November 2021
Campden BRI to explore new applications of pulsed electric field technology (9/11/21)

October 2021
The Food Consortium (7/10/21)

September 2021
New research helps industry tackle strong biofilms with most effective methods (21/9/21)
New project to assess COVID-caused hygiene practices for safer food production (1/9/21)

July 2021
Revolutionary risk management tool to help industry with allergens and safety culture (27/7/21)

June 2021
Research finds new plasma packaging sterilisation technology to dramatically reduce downtime (15/6/21)

May 2021
New research looks to optimise continuous processing to boost product throughput (11/5/21)
New Industry 4.0 course launched to help food sector modernise processing (5/5/21)

April 2021
Campden BRI launches project to update heat preserved food guideline (22/4/21)

March 2021
New project to investigate the microbiological safety of bread (9/3/21)

February 2021
New project to potentially extend meat shelf-life and reduce food waste (22/2/21)
Campden BRI develops method to help industry control COVID-19 transmission (16/2/21)

January 2021
Campden BRI uses VR to determine which on-pack claims sway consumers (27/1/21)
Updated guidance on food factory hygiene helps manufacturers produce safe products (12/1/21)

December 2020
New research reveals the safety of non-chilled food delivery (15/12/20)

November 2020
Campden BRI appoints Pete Headridge as new Chief Executive (17/11/20)
Research reveals which claims motivate consumers to purchase products (2/11/20)

October 2020
New appointment: Emeritus Professor Tim Foster as Scientific Affairs Director (28/10/20)

September 2020
New project to extend fish and seafood shelf-life and reduce food waste (29/9/20)
New research explores insect animal feed to help UK reach net zero carbon target (1/9/20)

August 2020
Campden BRI to cover COVID-19 in annual microbiology conference (18/8/20)

June 2020
Consumer testing centre reopens for food and drink sector (25/6/20)
New test to check effectiveness of cleaning chemicals and cleaning practices for COVID-19 (24/6/20)

March 2020
New guidance on setting shelf-life highlights fridge temperatures as an issue (13/3/20)
Campden BRI runs industry survey to develop new scoring system to control Listeria (3/3/20)

February 2020
Campden BRI to run Campylobacter seminar (25/2/20)

January 2020
Campden BRI to explain blockchain and bowtie with workshop (22/1/20)
Research into vegan alternatives to animal-based proteins underway (13/1/20)
Former Kellogg’s VP and CSM director join Campden BRI (3/1/20)

September 2019
New Head of Brewing for Campden BRI (3/9/19)

June 2019
Vegan energy sweets for athletes win gold at student food innovation competition (19/6/19)
Campden BRI celebrates 100 years (13/6/19)

April 2019
Research into 3D-printing with food underway (17/4/19)
100-year dynasty at Campden BRI comes to an end as Martin Hall retires (10/4/19)

March 2019
Campden BRI appoints Chris Ikpeme as the new Director of Finance (4/3/19)

February 2019
Health and sustainability challenges for the baking industry (20/2/19)
3D food printing seminar (18/2/19)
Campden BRI launches 'hub' for advice on Brexit (no longer active) (14/2/19)
Advances in food authenticity and microbiology - do those genes suit you? (11/2/19)

January 2019
Sustainable packaging: smart choices and shelf life testing seminar (22/1/19)

December 2018
Sampling for food safety seminar (13/12/18)
Campden BRI staff raise over £2,000 for mental health charity (13/12/18)
Roy Betts awarded top honour by Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) (6/12/18)
Campden BRI sets up club project to investigate method to assess flour quality (4/12/18)

November 2018
Controlling Listeria in food production seminar (29/11/18)
Pick ‘n’ Mix Regulatory Training Programme - Ireland (26/11/18)
Campden BRI publishes new guidance on TACCP/VACCP (19/11/18)

October 2018
Leading food companies to discuss food safety and quality culture (30/10/18)
Campden BRI appoints new manager for microbiology of thermal processing (29/10/18)
Faster and cheaper sensory method developed by Campden BRI (25/10/18)
Plant-based protein ingredients and foods seminar (11/10/18)
Campden BRI calls for companies to join research project to better understand what causes "checking" in biscuits and crackers (9/10/18)
Campden BRI appoints new Director of Technology (8/10/18)

September 2018
China FDA visit Campden BRI (27/9/18)
Seminar: Challenges of shelf life testing- sustainable packaging (6/9/18)
Seminar: Dairy microbiology – issues and solutions (4/9/18)
Campden BRI sets up club to investigate kombucha brewing (3/9/18)

August 2018
Food packaging: smart choices for a sustainable future (20/8/18)
Industry-academia partnership delivers high impact PhD (16/8/18)

July 2018
Campden BRI expands virology facilities (25/7/18)
Campden BRI Conference: Hot topics in microbiology (18/7/18)
Plastics alternatives - Campden BRI urges companies to bid for share of £4 million research fund (9/7/18)
Campden BRI launch project to investigate the effects of carbon dioxide on the shelf life of modified atmosphere packed foods (3/7/18)
Norovirus in the UK food supply chain – where are we and what's next? (2/7/18)

June 2018
Campden BRI sets up club project to provide effective virus control measures for the food industry (28/6/18)
Campden BRI awarded UKAS accreditation for vitamin D analysis in food and drink (26/6/18)
Campden BRI develops new method to measure chilli heat of food (18/6/18)
Spicy BBQ flavoured snack wins gold at student food innovation competition (7/6/18)

May 2018
Vegan products top the menu at student food innovation competition (24/5/18)
Campden BRI sets up club project to assess UV-C treatment of materials entering high care areas (24/5/18)

April 2018
Campden BRI Day 2018 (23/4/18)
Campden BRI ISO/IEC 17025:2017 technical update seminar (16/4/18)
Campden BRI BRC v8 briefing seminars (11/4/18)
Campden BRI sets up club to reduce chlorate levels in agriculture (9/4/18)

March 2018
Campden BRI bread structure measurement method internationally approved (28/3/18)
Campden BRI FSSC 22000 v4.1 Seminar (27/3/18)
Campden BRI Thermal Processing Conference (21/3/18)
Biofilms, food fraud and clean label among new Campden BRI research for 2018 (15/3/18)

February 2018
£2,000 up for grabs in the UK's student food innovation competition (19/2/18)
Gluten-free beer seminar (12/2/18)
Salmonella and Listeria - 'different yet the same' microbiology seminar (8/2/18)

January 2018
Campden BRI expands microbiology facilities (31/1/18)
Campden BRI extends UKAS accreditation to cover virus testing (24/1/18)
Results of the fifth global food safety training survey: barriers and benefits of effective training for food and drink companies (18/1/18)
Food industry names cyber security, human microbiota, soil health and antimicrobial resistance as among the challenges to be tackled using science and technology (15/1/18)
Bacterial identification and typing seminar (11/1/18)
Cyber security in the food industry seminar (9/1/18)

December 2017
Sugar reduction in beverages seminar (21/10/17)

November 2017
UK student team win silver at European innovation competition with low-calorie vegan sushi (24/11/17)
Food safety management - focus more, audit less? (20/11/17)
From food to fire - two local men help to keep the Cotswolds safe (2/11/17)

October 2017
Campden BRI to help lead research into English wines (19/10/17)
Campden BRI sets up club project to investigate rapid technique to monitor oxidative stability (9/10/17)
Local success at national competition (5/10/17)
Food safety and quality culture: Campden BRI seminar (2/10/17)

September 2017
Chocolate and confectionery club (25/9/17)
Campden BRI seminar: Food labelling update (19/9/17)
Evesham lad takes alternate route to university - graduates debt free and top of the class (12/9/17)

August 2017
Five RoSPA golds for Campden BRI (29/8/17)
Hepatitis E: Campden BRI Seminar (15/8/17)
Bread softness club (14/8/17)
The power of sensory branding: Campden BRI Seminar (1/8/17)

July 2017
Food safety management systems: Campden BRI Masterclass (27/7/17)
Safe and effective food pasteurisation: Campden BRI seminar (25/7/17)
Hot topics in Microbiology: Campden BRI Conference (20/7/17)
Food contact materials: Campden BRI Seminar (18/7/17)
Tackling food fraud: Campden BRI Seminar (13/7/17)
Global food law challenges and opportunities: Campden BRI seminar (6/7/17)

June 2017
Sugar reduction in Bakery: Campden BRI Seminar (22/6/17)
Veggie and vegan products dominate at student food innovation competition final (7/6/17)

May 2017
Out of the pan and into the flames as food innovation finalists prepare to face the dragons (8/5/17)
BRC7 symposium: top non-conformances (2/5/17)

March 2017
Campden BRI opens an office in the Far East (29/3/17)
Allergens - challenges facing the food industry (28/3/17)
Emerging ingredients: Campden BRI seminar (20/3/17)
Microbiological methods: Campden BRI seminar (13/3/17)
Campden BRI improves food chemical risk assessment (6/3/17)
Campden BRI release results of food and drink innovation survey (3/3/17)

February 2017
STEC and food safety: Campden BRI seminar (14/2/17)

January 2017
Aseptic processing - Campden BRI seminar (23/1/17)
Safe production of dried foods (10/1/17)
Campden BRI chosen to support industry network to fight food fraud (4/1/17)

December 2016
Packaging hazards: Campden BRI seminar (19/12/16)
Microbiological criteria - Campden BRI seminar (12/12/16)
Gluten-free Baking: Campden BRI conference (7/12/16)

October 2016
Campden BRI expands international regulatory affairs team (31/10/16)
UK student team scoops the bronze prize at European innovation competition (20/10/16)

September 2016
Current and future legislation: UK, EU and worldwide seminar from Campden BRI (21/9/16)
Campden BRI appoints new Director of Technology (20/9/16)
Foodborne viruses: Campden BRI seminar (15/9/16)

August 2016
Hot topics in microbiology: Campden BRI conference (3/8/16)

July 2016
Campden BRI gets accreditation for testing STEC category three pathogen (29/7/16)
Allergen labelling: Campden BRI seminar (20/7/16)

June 2016
Food factory of the future (30/6/16)
Nottingham Trent University student team scoops the gold prize at Ecotrophelia UK with their low fat, non-dairy ice cream (8/6/16)

May 2016
Improving food security and nutrition: Campden BRI/BBSRC free event (23/5/16)
Global food safety training survey: barriers and benefits of effective training for food and drink companies (12/5/16)
Competition hots up for student food innovation competition (3/5/16)

April 2016
Fresh produce decontamination - Campden BRI seminar (29/4/16)
Campden BRI helps brewers to cut costs and improve the quality of low alcohol and novel fruit beverages (25/4/16)
Campden BRI achieves food authenticity testing recognition (19/4/16)
Campden BRI supports new centre for crop health (18/4/16)
Thermal processing: international conference from Campden BRI (12/4/16)
Food supplements legislation - Campden BRI seminar (8/4/16)
Contamination risks and control in food processing facilities: Campden BRI seminar (5/4/16)

March 2016
Bakery technology conference at Camdpen BRI (1/3/16)

February 2016
Understanding microbial genomes: Campden BRI seminar (24/2/16)
Campden BRI launches prestigious transatlantic exchange competition (18/2/16)
Tackling food fraud: Campden BRI seminar (16/2/16)
Improving nutritional quality: Campden BRI seminar (9/2/16)
Campden BRI launches new service to evaluate the effectiveness of surface decontamination (2/2/16)

January 2016
Campden BRI unveils 2016 research programme | (PDF) (14/1/16)
Campden BRI named as Market Research Society Company Partner | (PDF) (13/1/16)
Safe pasteurisation: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (4/1/16)

December 2015
Campden BRI expands into Chinese and Japanese international regulatory affairs | (PDF) (16/12/15)
Accelerated shelf life testing: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (14/12/15)
UK meat and poultry industry: challenges and opportunities: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (2/12/15)

November 2015
New state-of-the-art consumer test centre opens in the Midlands | (PDF) (23/11/15)
Campden BRI awarded UKAS accreditation for quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) testing | (PDF) (20/11/15)
Traceability in the food and feed chain: updated guidance from Campden BRI | (PDF) (17/11/15)
Sous vide processing: new guidance from Campden BRI | (PDF) (11/11/15)
Campden BRI publishes updated HACCP guidelines | (PDF) (9/11/15)

October 2015
Campden BRI expands hygiene team | (PDF) (28/10/15)
Food microbiology, factory to laboratory: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (12/10/15)
Rheology seminar at Campden BRI | (PDF) (7/10/15)

September 2015
Campden BRI expands its global food and drink training | (PDF) (21/9/15)
Campden BRI invests in suite of packaging testing equipment to help manufacturers reduce waste and cost | (PDF) (10/9/15)
Nutrition labelling to be addressed at Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (10/9/15)
Campden BRI welcomes prestigious US University into membership | (PDF) (7/9/15)
Exporting food and drink to the USA: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (1/9/15)

August 2015
Training matters: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (26/8/15)
Campden BRI shows superchilling can safely extend shelf life by 120% | (PDF) (17/8/15)
Advances in food safety management systems: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (12/8/15)
Campden BRI named UK's first Training Centre of Excellence for Bakery & Food Science | (PDF) (10/8/15)
Active and intelligent packaging for the food industry: Campden BRI seminar | (PDF) (5/8/15)
Hot topics in food microbiology: Campden BRI conference | (PDF) (3/8/15)

July 2015
NPD challenges for weight management: Campden BRI conference (20/7/15)
Environmental technology innovation: Campden BRI seminar (15/7/15)
Global food safety training survey: barriers and benefits of effective training for food and drink companies (13/7/15)
Novel crops and their role in the food chain: Campden BRI seminar (8/7/15)
New Campden BRI laboratory named in honour of local family (6/7/15)

June 2015
Hygienic food processing: Campden BRI seminar (22/6/15)
Campden BRI helps RPA prevent food fraud (15/6/15)
Validation and optimisation of thermal processing systems: new guideline from Campden BRI (10/6/15)
Campden BRI extends UKAS accreditation to cover metals analysis (8/6/15)
Leading food industry figures visit Campden BRI (8/6/15)
Team of PepsiCo placement students take gold at Ecotrophelia UK (5/6/15)

May 2015
Organic cereals: supply chain opportunities and challenges - seminar (11/5/15)

April 2015
Ecotrophelia UK finalists announced (27/4/15)
Rapid and conventional microbiological methods: seminar and exhibition at Campden BRI (21/4/15)
Campden BRI breaks £100 million revenue record (16/4/15)
Hot topics in additives and flavouring legislation: Campden BRI seminar (14/4/15)
Campden BRI gets X-ray vision (13/4/15)
Free three-day energy efficiency training course (7/4/15)

March 2015
Campden BRI Named as IFT's UK and European Partner for Certified Food Scientist Training (11/3/15)

February 2015
Campden BRI boosts investment in new technologies (25/2/15)
Primary production and processing (23/2/15)
Soft and alcoholic drinks innovation: seminar (4/2/15)

January 2015
Salmonella - the persistent pathogen: Campden BRI seminar (27/1/15)
Campden BRI continues investment in analytical equipment (14/1/15)
What does the industry need from innovation, science and technology? (6/1/15)

December 2014
Food production machinery: food safety requirements, challenges and applications (2/12/14)

November 2014
New Campden BRI research improves oven efficiency, saving up to £14,000 on running costs (19/11/14)

October 2014
Salt reduction targets for bakery goods: Campden BRI seminar (8/10/14)

September 2014
Food information update: seminar at Campden BRI (12/9/14)
Microbiological safety of nuts and seeds: new guidance from Campden BRI (1/9/14)

August 2014
Water activity from a microbiologist´s viewpoint: seminar at Campden BRI (27/8/14)
TACCP: New guidance from Campden BRI (21/8/14)
Nutrition, diet and health group established at Campden BRI (15/8/14)
Training in Dubai (11/8/14)
Campden BRI expands chemistry department (6/8/14)
Shiga toxin-producing E.coli: Campden BRI seminar (1/8/14)

July 2014
Food Fraud: Campden BRI seminar (25/7/14)
Campden BRI going from strength to strength as it breaks revenue records (24/7/14)
Hot topics in microbiology: conference at Campden BRI (21/7/14)
Sugar reduction: challenges and opportunities (14/7/14)

June 2014
Creating a new sensation: seminar at Campden BRI (30/6/14)
Campden BRI chosen as partner of choice by Kuwait Government (19/6/14)
Food factories of the future (16/6/14)
Harper Adams team scoops the gold prize at the Ecotrophelia UK 2014 student innovation competition (11/6/14)
Campden BRI to provide UK scientific analysis to HM Revenues and Customs (9/6/14)
Innovative food and drink project is delivering healthy growth for Scottish food and drink companies (6/6/14)

May 2014
Campden BRI invited to world capital of olive oil in UK delegation (29/5/14)
A dragon�s den awaits UK finalists of student food innovation competition (21/5/14)
Campden BRI appointed by Qatar Government to launch national food safety programme (19/5/14)

April 2014
Campden BRI appoints Melanie Ruffell to Regulatory Affairs team (15/4/14)
Food contact materials – Campden BRI seminar (10/4/14)
Campden BRI set to welcome PepsiCo Vice President at its annual food and drink industry event in June (2/4/14)

March 2014
Continental meats: Campden BRI seminar (28/3/14)
Thermal Processing Conference at Campden BRI (21/3/14)
Campden BRI helps microbrewers to brew better beer (19/3/14)
Campden BRI unlocks four times the flavour from truffles for luxury vodka brand Black Moth (14/3/14)
New microbiological process hall at Campden BRI (11/3/14)
Baking technology conference at Campden BRI (7/3/14)
New Head of Brewing Services at Campden BRI (3/3/14)

February 2014
Foodborne viruses: Campden BRI seminar (25/2/14)
New alcoholic beverages from novel cereals and enzymes: Campden BRI seminar (17/2/14)
Campden BRI extends UKAS accreditation to cover meat species DNA testing (5/2/14)

January 2014
Campden BRI helps food and drink industry bridge the microbiological skills gap (29/1/14)
Campden BRI is partner of choice for authenticity testing of olive oil (27/1/14)
Campden BRI urges food science and technology students to enter European food innovation awards to win up to 15,000 Euros (21/1/14)
Campden BRI chosen to create a special ale for Parliament (20/1/14)
Fresh produce microbiology – Campden BRI seminar (14/1/14)
Campden BRI gets UKAS accreditation for benchmarking (9/1/14)
Factory contamination control – Campden BRI seminar (3/1/14)

December 2013
Campden BRI staff GROW their support for Movember raising over £1K for charity (9/12/13)
Campden BRI predicts a challenging 2014 for the food & drink industry as FIC deadline looms (4/12/13)

November 2013
Animal feed seminar at Campden BRI (18/11/13)
Campden BRI 'ramping up' regulatory affairs with key appointment to lead growth (13/11/13)

October 2013
Campden BRI supports 'Global Hand Washing Day' with best practice hand washing technique video (9/10/13)
Calling all Warwickshire residents – Campden BRI wants you to taste food and get paid! (8/10/13)
Harper Adams students hope winning top award is 'easy as pie' as European finals of prestigious food innovation awards looms (1/10/13)

September 2013
Campden BRI Seminar to update situation on Food Information Regulation (19/9/13)
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy – new capabilities at Campden BRI (9/9/13)
Food microbiology – still a very hot topic (3/9/13)

August 2013
IFST Foundation Course in Sensory Evaluation for brewers (30/8/13)
Sustainable crop production – Campden BRI seminar (28/8/13)
Campden BRI strengthens its malting and brewing team (15/8/13)
Food allergen risk analysis and action levels: guidance from Campden BRI (14/8/13)
Oats: exploiting the benefits and overcoming the challenges (5/8/13)

July 2013
Less water and energy used to make beer – new global brewery survey shows (31/7/13)
Antioxidants: from ingredient to functional food – Campden BRI seminar (25/7/13)
Biogas: generate energy from your waste – seminar at Campden BRI (16/7/13)
Campden BRI is 2 Sisters Food Group's partner of choice as it launches Technical Training Academy (15/7/13)
Cleaning and disinfection – Campden BRI seminar (10/7/13)
Bakery "free-from" conference at Campden BRI (3/7/13)

June 2013
European food and drink industry heads towards zero fossil CO2 emissions (27/6/13)
Cheers! Raising a glass to Debbie´s Sommelier success (25/6/13)
Harper Adams University team scoops the gold prize at the inaugural Ecotrophelia UK student innovation awards with their Hearty Meal (6/6/13)
Campden BRI strikes gold in prestigious health and safety awards (4/6/13)
Food microbiology laboratories – new guidance from Campden BRI (3/6/13)

May 2013
Integrated food supply chain to get integrated support (15/5/13)
First BFBi Up & Coming Analyst Award Winner Announced (9/5/13)

April 2013
Pesticide controls – new guidance from Campden BRI (29/4/13)
Safe production of dried foods – Campden BRI conference (11/4/13)
Sustainable packaging seminar at Campden BRI (8/4/13)
New global food safety survey: Food and drink companies´ barriers to effective training (4/4/13)

March 2013
Rapid microbiological methods seminar (14/3/13)
Threats, withdrawals and risks - business continuity seminar at Campden BRI (8/3/13)

February 2013
Listeria issues – seminar at Campden BRI (11/2/13)
JLT & Campden BRI launch food & drink industry research paper – New World, New Risks (6/2/13)

January 2013
Sustainable wheat quality – seminar at Campden BRI (28/1/13)
Yeasts and moulds – seminar at Campden BRI (21/1/13)
Water reduction in alcoholic beverages industry – Campden BRI seminar (15/1/13)
Campden BRI predicts 'weighty issues' for the food and drink industry in 2013 (2/1/13)
Campden BRI and the Institute of Food Science & Technology launches prestigious student food innovation awards (8/1/13)
Meat and poultry: challenges and solutions – Campden BRI seminar 21st March 2013 (3/1/13)
Campden BRI predicts 'weighty issues' for the food and drink industry in 2013 (2/1/13)

November 2012
Campden BRI´s marathon man completes 500th run in under 3.5 hours (14/11/12)
More Debating of the Food Information Regulation! (5/11/12)

September 2012
Low-carbon farming – seminar at Campden BRI (11/9/12)
Microbiology is still a Hot Topic (3/9/12)

August 2012
Better seals – less waste – seminar at Campden BRI (28/8/12)
Fresh Produce Supply Chain seminar at Campden BRI (13/8/12)
New analytical equipment installed at Campden BRI (6/8/12)

July 2012
Gluten-free conference at Campden BRI (31/7/12)
Put the fizz back in your drinks (25/7/12)
Factory cleaning and disinfection – still a major topic (19/7/12)
Improving manufacturing efficiency (9/7/12)
Do shape and size matter? (3/7/12)

June 2012
Campden BRI consults on member benefits (29/6/12)
Mars Chocolate President features at Campden BRI Day (26/6/12)
Salt - the most multifunctional and controversial ingredient! (22/6/12)
Reusing water in the food industry - new guidance from Campden BRI (18/6/12)
New bakery equipment opens up new possibilities (14/6/12)
Professor Caroline Walker (7/6/12)

May 2012
Campden BRI invests in technology for the future (21/5/12)
Campden BRI in EU shelf-life-extending packaging project (15/5/12)
New bread making process commercialised (8/5/12)
Reusing water in the food industry - seminar at Campden BRI (2/5/12)

April 2012
New heat processing guidance from Campden BRI (25/4/12)
Seminar on food contact materials (4/4/12)

March 2012
Campden BRI Day - 12th June 2012 (13/3/12)
Heat processing - what is the latest? (6/3/12)

February 2012
JLT and Campden BRI create strategic partnership to support risk and insurance understanding in the food and drink sector (28/2/12)
Bakery Technology Conference (10/2/12)
Understanding how bacteria come back from the dead (2/2/12)

January 2012
New research programme announced by Campden BRI (17/1/12)
What does the food and drink industry need? (11/1/12)
Responsibility deal seminar (6/1/12)
Keep your microorganisms under control! (3/1/12)

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