Food microbiology, factory to laboratory 12 October 2015 Press Release

Food microbiology, factory to laboratory: Campden BRI seminar

Microbiology laboratories play a pivotal role in ensuring that food and drink is safe to eat. Although production managers consider microbiological testing as a 'necessary evil', the consequences and commercial damage resulting from food safety failure are too painful to consider. A Campden BRI seminar, sponsored by Lab M, which will take place on 26th November, will explore the link between the microbiology testing lab and the food production arena. It will look at aspects such as method validation and risk assessment, and the ways in which they are interlinked.

Event Director Fiona Cawkell comments:

"Among the specific areas we will be discussing are the importance of analytical techniques in food safety management systems, and how they interact with legislative requirements and risk assessment when a potential issue has been highlighted."

For further information on the seminar - please contact Daphne Llewellyn-Davies on +44(0)1386 842040

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