Virus 15 August 2017 Press Release

Hepatitis E: Campden BRI Seminar

Hepatitis E infection is an emerging issue in the UK and elsewhere. There has been a large increase in the numbers of confirmed non–travel related Hepatitis E infections since 2010. There is now understood to be an association between these cases with undercooked / raw pork and pork products, with pigs being recognised as a potential reservoir of HEV (Hepatitis E virus). Infectious HEV has been identified in numerous sources, including animal faeces, sewage water, inadequately–treated water, contaminated shellfish and produce, as well as animal meats.

A Campden BRI seminar, 28 November, will bring together industry experts to provide up–to–date information on several important aspects relating to HEV infection, routes of transmission, methodology and the commercial/ industry perspective, including:

This seminar will be of interest to microbiologists, food manufacturers, technical managers, quality assurance staff, food safety managers.

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