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        safer food production 7 October 2021 Press Release

The Food Consortium

The Food Consortium Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) is timely, unique and unprecedented, bringing together food manufacturers with a significant R&D base in the UK, together with the largest UK based independent science and technology provider and trainer for the food industry (Campden BRI) and the Haydn Green Institute (Nottingham University business school) at the forefront of creating a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to connect ideas, people and communities to respond to societal, environmental and economic challenges and drive positive change through innovation.

We will create the following opportunities and have the following impacts:

Tim Foster, Campden BRI Scientific Affairs Director, commented

“We are delighted to be part of The Food Consortium. We have worked collaboratively for many years in the KTN Food Strategy Group, on an informal basis. Through that trusted connection we have developed the joint vision and scope for the CTP. Campden BRI has had a central role in coordinating the writing of the CTP and will now be managing and administering it. We see this as being a major stepping stone and a collective effort to provide well trained researchers to develop the industry of the future, building a cohort to provide the UK Food and Drink Industry with strength for years to come”.

We can’t wait to get started!

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