Campden BRI is seeking partners for alternative gas mix research to combat carbon dioxide shortages

6 September Press Release

In light of the recent carbon dioxide shortage, Campden BRI is looking for partners to help with new research that aims to investigate the potential of a selection of gas mixes with a view to reducing or replacing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the event of a third shortage. Studies have been designed to provide information on the microbiological and sensory effects of the proposed mixes.

Campden BRI microbiologist Greg Jones, who is leading the project, reflected on the recent CO2 shortage,

“In recent years, combinations of events beyond the control of industry or government have led to the closure of fertiliser plants that supply food-grade carbon dioxide. Food products packaged in protective atmospheres, containing CO2, are at risk of a decrease in quality if there is another shortage”. He added, "Having readily available information on the effects of changing the gas mix would be beneficial for these businesses."

The scientists are looking for poultry producers and retailers, to work with them on the project, so that they can undertake comprehensive testing of alternative modified atmosphere gas mixes.

Danica Hillson, Technical Director for UK Poultry at 2 Sisters Food Group , who is keen to be a part of the project stated,

“As supply chain shocks are now more commonplace, 2 Sisters Food Group wants to build resilience by testing alternative gas mixes. The idea is to have a set of results that can be used to show the effect on the shelf-life of changing to an achievable gas mixture in a time of crisis.” She continued, “Having these results readily available will be extremely useful to demonstrate to our customers that although there may be a change to the shelf-life of the product, we know what that change is and can plan accordingly. This project will be invaluable for addressing the risk to our business posed by another carbon dioxide shortage.”

Participants will receive exclusive access to the results for a period of time, before release to a wider audience. The research is set to commence in late 2022. Any companies wanting to take part in the projectshould contact:

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