New office 29 March 2017 Press Release

Campden BRI opens an office in the Far East

Campden BRI has been awarded a contract worth in excess of £0.5 million for a joint food research programme in South Korea. The three-year agreement also involves The Korea National Food Cluster (FOODPOLIS) and Dongguk University.

The contract, funded by the South Korean government, aims to enhance food safety, quality and product innovation. Campden BRI will be working in three key areas: advanced analytical methods for non-targeted chemical screening, analytical methods for difficult to measure components and the commercial exploitation of insects as a source of high quality proteins.

In support of this new initiative Campden BRI has also opened an office within FOODPOLIS in order to encourage international collaboration among food manufacturers, researchers, universities and business support services in the North East Asia region.

Professor Martin Hall, Director of Science, Campden BRI said, "We are delighted to be working with our Korean partners in these cutting-edge research projects and in doing so strengthen our already well established links with South Korea. The opening of our local office marks a further expansion of our international business activities and gives us a stake in this multi-million pound government initiative in the Far East."

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