Faster and cheaper sensory method developed by Campden BRI 25 October 2018 Press Release

Faster and cheaper sensory method developed by Campden BRI

Campden BRI’s sensory experts have explored a new sensory descriptive profiling test that is at least 50% faster and up to 30% cheaper than other conventional descriptive profiling techniques.

The new method is called Ranking Descriptive Analysis (RDA). RDA is faster and cheaper because it requires fewer sessions for training and assessment with the sensory panel.

Due to the speed of RDA, it is ideal for samples with a limited shelf life, such as bread or fresh produce . It’s also well suited for smaller sample sets where the focus is on a limited number of sensory attributes, for example:

Results from the new RDA method showed good correlation and similar results in overall product characterisation when compared with Campden BRI’s well-established Rapid Attribute Profiling test, which is based on QDA©. The results were presented as a poster at the Eurosense conference in September 2018 .

The new RDA method was previously evaluated by Campden BRI as part of a member-funded research project .

Campden BRI is inviting members to give them feedback on their experience of using RDA and how it compares with their current methods.

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