Campden BRI expands hygiene team 23 May 2016 Press Release

Improving food security and nutrition: Campden BRI/BBSRC free event

A free joint Campden BRI/BBSRC event, to be held on 6 July, will showcase projects from a range of public-private partnerships - including the Crop Improvement Research Club (CIRC) and the Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC) – both of which are supported by Campden BRI as a founding member. Together these clubs have supported 46 research projects with over £26M in funding. Projects supported through other programmes such as the BBSRC Industrial Partnership Awards, stand‐alone LINK, and the Horticulture and Potato Initiative will also feature.

Presentations from eight world-leading academic researchers, from a diverse range of institutions, will highlight research and innovations from cutting edge areas such as plant genetics, crop breeding, biochemistry, food science, nutrition and applied psychology - to help meet the challenges of reliably delivering a safe and secure supply of nutritious food.

Public-private partnerships are delivering strategic research in priority areas defined by the agri‐food industry – from agriculture and food security to the role of nutrition in human health. BBSRC works with business and other public funders to support researchers at UK universities and institutes to tackle industry's pre-competitive challenges, and this leads to the generation of knowledge and innovations that bring economic and social benefits to the UK.

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