Viruses 28 June 2018 Press Release

Campden BRI sets up club project to provide effective virus control measures for the food industry

Campden BRI is inviting companies to join a club project which aims to provide solutions for effective virus control measures for the food industry. There is less information about the control measures needed to reduce or eliminate hazards produced by foodborne viruses than for bacterial pathogens.

The club will be of interest to processors and retailers of any foods which may be handled and could become contaminated with enteric viruses. It will also be relevant to producers, suppliers, processors and retailers involved in the manufacture and sale of at-risk foods which may be spray irrigated (e.g. salad vegetables and berry fruits).

The project will provide:

The club project is planned to start on 1st November 2018 and will last for one year. Please register your interest by Tuesday 31st July.

Participating companies will have the opportunity to exploit the findings for their own commercial purposes. The project will be jointly funded and steered by the members of the project.

Contact: Support Team
+44(0)1386 842291

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