Cheese 04 September 2018 Press Release

Seminar: Dairy microbiology – issues and solutions

The microbial quality of milk and milk-related products is crucial for the safe production of quality dairy foods. Cultured dairy products, including yogurt and cheese, and novel foods, such as kefir, are at risk of microbial contamination.

This seminar, on 22 November, discusses the control and removal of undesirable microorganisms from dairy products, as well as the intentional introduction of bacteria during manufacture and fermentation. Delegates will learn about raw milk microbiology, Cronobacter, dairy hygiene, fermented dairy foods and biofilms.

Hugh Pennington will discuss 'Is cheese made from unpasteurized milk safe?' with particular reference to STEC and the Errington case. There will also be presentations from Public Health England, environmental health experts, industry and academics on:

This event will be of interest to dairy food and drink laboratory personnel, microbiologists and technical managers, dairy food manufacturers, hygiene supply companies, quality assurance staff and food safety managers.

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