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Craig Leadley

Craig Leadley has a PhD from the University of Birmingham on the subject of high pressure sterilisation and a degree in food technology from the University of Reading. Craig has worked at Campden BRI since 1996. Currently he leads a department offering research, training and consultancy in five areas: agriculture, ingredients, emerging food preservation technologies, objective quality measurement (physical characterisation of foods) and modelling.

Throughout his time at Campden BRI his main technical interests have been around shelf-life extension – particularly in the field of emerging preservation technologies for the food industry. He has practical experience of a range of technologies including power ultrasound, UV, pulsed light processing and cold plasma processing but has a particular interest in high pressure food processing for both pasteurisation and sterilisation applications. Craig’s team is constantly scouting for new technologies that might have applications in the food sector and that could potentially be housed in the extensive pilot plant facilities (around 3500 m2) at Campden BRI on a short or long term basis.

Craig is an experienced applied research partner having participated in many collaborative research projects funded through both UK government and EU framework projects.

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