Craig Leadley

Craig Leadley

Head of Strategic Knowledge Management

Craig is Head of Strategic Knowledge Development at Campden BRI where he oversees the delivery of all R&D projects that are funded through Campden BRI membership subscriptions - from commissioning to final reporting. He is also actively engaged in developing academic collaborations and in creating new tools to curate critical business knowledge for Campden BRI.

Throughout his time at Campden BRI his technical passion has been food preservation, with a focus on emerging technologies for the food industry. He has studied, and published books and journal articles on, a wide range of technologies including power ultrasound, UV, pulsed light processing, ohmic heating, microwave heating and cold plasma processing. He has had a career long interest in high pressure food processing for both pasteurisation and sterilisation applications. Craig has also been active in the field of conventional batch thermal processing, having travelled extensively to schedule safe thermal processes globally.

Craig has over twenty-five years of practical experience with food manufacturing R&D and consultancy. He has significant experience with developing grant applications and in building multi-partner industry/academic collaborations.

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