Danny Bayliss


After finishing his PhD in cold plasma technology, Danny joined Campden BRI where he has been in various new technology roles since 2012. Danny currently explores future trends and technology developments where he works with spin off, startups and equipment companies to explore commercial applications or develop technologies for industrial future needs. Danny manages more complex contract trials and works on bigger research projects with multiple consortium members.

Areas of interest

Danny’s main interests are new ways of processing and culturing food, and tackling industry challenges. His specific areas of expertise are cold plasma, UVC, HPP, PEF and other new technologies for process benefits, as well as sensors and foreign body detection systems, and he has conducted research in the field of emerging processing and preservation technologies.

Other activities within industry

In addition to contract work, Danny has active roles in innovative research projects funded through various funding schemes such as Innovate UK, FSA, and European-funded agencies. Danny is on the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) food and beverage task force, is part of the IFT British section, and shares his insights through regular trade press contributions.

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